Taiyo Yuden DVD-R

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  1. tnolan

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    Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs are THE BEST! They cost a little more and are only available online but the are well worth it.
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  2. Muffin Man

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    Taiyo Yuden are by far the best media I have found. I have tried all of the major brands from various sources and have found TY to be of consistantly excellent quality.
  3. Waldorf

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    aren't Verbatim discs really Taiyo Yuden discs relabeled?

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  4. stej4u

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    I've never had problems with TDK dvd-rs they have worked in every DVD player I've ever tried in.

    PS: are Taiyo Yuden printable?
  5. Ripper

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    No. In the USA, you get Verbatim MCC (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp) disks. In the UK, you can get the MCC disks, and then you get Verbatim disks made by Taiyo Yuden.
    The Verb TYs, as I call them, are not available in the states at all...


    You can get hub printable/thermal printable TYs I beleive.

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  6. Terrabyte

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    I use no other media now, than Taiyo Yuden.

    These discs come in "inkjet printable" which I purchase online in Australia.
  7. McstylisT

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    I use a large range of TYG03 and TYG02 and i get some excellent results. But personally i think the T02 and T03 +R are superior with the newer drives today. better quality scan results overall if we are going to get technical. Thats just my opinion. Everyones setup is different and different burners like one format rather than both. I use a few drives for - and some for +.

    But overall TY media is GOD !!!! :clap: :clap:
  8. fatcat56

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    what are the best dvd blanks

    i have been using maxwell dvd's but trying to find something else that may be cheaper can you help looking for something dependable
  9. RedFox 1

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    Only in Europe.:agree: