System interupts causing CPU usage climbing to >8% & slow encoding

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    After installing CloneBD, I noticed my computer slowing down slightly. After inspection, I noticed that my CPU usage when idle was running about 7 to 10%. It was caused by the system interrupts service which can mean many things. After uninstalling CloneBD iand MVC 4.0, it all wend back to normal (0 to 1% CPU when idle). I then reinstalled CloneBD and the problem came right back..

    Also, CUDA/Hardware based encoding is not available causing VERY slow encoding. Is there a NVIDIA GPU requirement? I have a older GTX 550TI which only supports up to 2.1 CUDA compute. I am using the older drivers 337.88, which are the last ones to support CUDA less than 3.0 on my 550TI. i.e.: When I use DVDFAB for encoding, a 1-1/2 hour movie encodes (with constant quality set at 18) in about 35 minutes. When doing the same movie on CLoneDVD it takes almost 2 hours and 45 minutes and I have no control over the bit rate or CRF settings..

    EDIT: Fixed the hardware interrupts. Root cause was actualy my network card driver.
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