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    I recorded that some time ago using AnyDVD + DVDD + Shrink. However I only got around to watching it yesterday. I only kept the English audio. The movie's fine, but there is a hell of a lot of scenes where Arabs are talking to Arabs, and the language is understandably enough Arabic. However I would have assumed there might have been subtitles, and there were none! Does that movie actually have any subtitles when English is the language chosen?

    Unless a Disc is episodic I generally choose 'main movie+IFOs' in the settings part of DVDD.

  2. oldjoe

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    You will need to copy it again and keep the sub-titles. I did the same as you, watched about 15 min. of the movie then threw it in the trash.
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    Thanks oldjoe. I'll have another copy tomorrow.
    Drat, I thought as much. After the initial analysing, when you look at the compression in Shrink, forced streams are generally marked as such? I can't believe I unchecked that?
    Or should I choose 'all' instead of just 'main movie+IFOs in DVDD? Please advise?
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    The original movie DOES have subtitles just when Arabic is spoken. When you burn just the main movie and keep the English subpicture using AnyDVD and Shrink, the subtitles for the Arabic translations don't show for some reason. But, if you turn the english subtitles on, it also provides the Arabic translation. The downside is that you have to turn the subtitles on and off if you don't want the subtitles on when English is being spoken.

    I'm not sure if you will have the same problem if you copy the whole dvd, though.

    Keep us posted on what you do and how things turn out.
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    Never rains 'cept it pours eh? I think I might have had the same problem with 'Black Rain'? There is a bit of Japanese lingo in that, which I suspect was vital, but, no subtitles.:(

    There must be a foolproof way of doing this? I'm still waiting on another copy of Syriana.

    Imho, if the only choice for Syriana was to put up with subtitles for the whole film, that is not so bad? I tend not to notice them after a while unless I need them.

    On some movies there are 'forced' subtitles. ie. I guess included in the main movie+IFOs anyway?

    C'mon chaps, someone out there knows?
  6. chalky607

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    I tried doing the whole thing over using AnyDvd + Clone DVD, got the subtitles ok, but on the whole movie!
  7. Webslinger

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    This is not an Anydvd issue. It's an issue with selecting the proper subtitles in whatever remastering/transcoder application you're using. Part of the problem is ensuring you've got all the subtitles on your backup. The other issue is that it's entirely possible you may need to retain the menus, unless you wish to manually select the proper subtitle stream while you're watching the film (you do this with your remote). There have been some cases where you must retain the main menus if you don't want to use the remote to select the proper subtitle stream.

    Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with Anydvd.
  8. chalky607

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    I retained the lot! It seems to be, using AnyDvd+Clone DVD, you either opt for all the 'English' subtitles, or none at all? This is consistant with what I've read when using AnyDvd + DVDD then Shrink then a burner?
  9. Webslinger

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    If you also choose to keep the main menus in Clonedvd2, it will work.
  10. chalky607

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    I did just that! I burned it, the menu is there, and, must be me? I get the subtitles all through the movie!

    I tried it three time today, just to sort it, but, it's all or f*ckall as far as I can see? I now have three copies!

    Btw, would somebody kindly sell me the benefits of CloneDvd? I downloaded the 21 day trial last night......I'm obviously missing something?:doh: