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Sync text overlays video

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Feb 9, 2007
Edit.. As it turns out, when I copy the .avi files that Clone Mobile creates to my laptop they play just fine. So, whatever causes the sync / frame text to show on top of the video is happening when played.. thus not a Clone Mobil problem. I've also tried creating a .avi on my laptop and playing on my desktop with same same result. It's also a problem, regardless of the player.. maybe directx.. kind of like some debug flag is on? Although, not a Clone Mobile problem, perhaps someone has an idea of what might cause this..

I had used the download a while back and decided just today to purchase the key for Clone Mobil. However, after creating a resulting output I find that some sort of text with frame info, etc. is superimposed over the entire video. It does not matter what output format I use... same problem. Ideas welcome, please... Oh yea, you can get a screen shot of what I'm trying to say here at the web link below.

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