Suspect 30th Anniversary Editon Aspect Issue

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    CloneBD version and while attemping to copy Suspect (1987) 30th Anniversary Edition to a MP4 file the preview viewing using CloneBD shows a squeezed version of the movie, like 4:3 aspect. The Blu-ray says it is wide screen 1.78:1. And plays on my computer and Blu-ray player in wide screen. But is squeezing the video using CloneBD. The disk defaults playlist to title 0003. So I copied the movie to get a log file, and the results is also squeezed. I have included a picture and the log files from CloneBD, AnyDVD. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Thank you for the for the heads up - the aspect ratio given in the MPEG2 streams is somewhat unusual, though correctly coded, CloneBD was caught on the wrong foot by this.
    his will be rectified shortly.
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