Support downloading of TTML2 subtitles

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by loompret, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. loompret

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    First of all thanks for the great work on AnyStream!

    I see in the Settings we can choose to:
    1. embed the (srt converted) subtitles
    2. download the srt converted subtitles
    3. download the ttml/dfxp file
    Is there a reason why we cannot have an option to download the ttml2 file, if it is present?
    And if the ttml2 is not present, then fallback to the ttml/dfxp file.

    Converting to srt is not always perfect, and so it is good if we can download the best subtitles that are available. Please add this as a feature!
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    Hi and welcome to the RedFox forum. Please read all the stickies, threads meant for posting feature requests, don't fret, just try and read them at your leisure. I am not seeing one for new feature requests so I'll discuss it with the other Mods and see what we can do. As for actually making your request possible, the developers would have to decide that. If its possible maybe they will make it so, or maybe they won't. They try to make the program as good as it can be for everyone. Thank you again for your suggestion.
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