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    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been searching the net looking a reliable program which lets me copy my dvds and so far this seem to be best. Not only for what you offer, but for your expertise and customer service on these forums by the moderaters and even all those registered folks. So now that I have finally bought a new computer and came onboard the 21 century(I was using a windows 95), I've decided to try this out.

    I have one quick question though....there were certain DvDs that have been released in the past called "superbit". They were supposely burned at a slower rate and used the whole disc space leaving out the special features for superior quality. If I use either a single layered or duel layered disc to make a copy of these superbit DvDs, will the quality of the picture remain the same on copied disc or will it downgrade and suffer picture quality? (examples of these superbit movies, are Panic Room, Fifth Element, Bad Boys, Cliffhanger). Thanks.
  2. linx05

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    Welcome to the forums Crimedoggg. If you copy the DVDs to a DL disc you won't have to compress the DVD to fit it in. Thus, no change in quality at all. If you do choose to go down that path only burn with Imgburn and only use Verbatim +R DL. Only those discs.

    If you were going to compress the DVD, which wouldn't make much sense apart from saving a whole lot of money (especially if you live down under like me), use DVD Rebuilder with in my opinion the best encoder is HC encoder (free) (apart from Procoder which costs a whole lot).
  3. ivanX

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    Well come to forums.

    First of all, this needs to be in CloneDVD section :) Short answer to your question: if you use single-layer media (DVD-5) then of course the quality would not be as great as original because of the compression since almost all DVDs these days use dual-layer (DVD-9) media. However, if you use dual-layer media to copy onto then there should not be any reduction in quality. It might also be worth it (and easier) to use CloneCD for that :)
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    Thanks for the tips and sorry about posting in the wrong section. :doh:

    So, the dvd rebuilder thing your talking about is an alternative to "clonecd"?
  5. ivanX

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    I am not familiar with DVDRebuilder, but I use CloneCD a lot. Some people like CloneCD because it keeps the original layer break when backing up to dual-layer media :)
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    Using single layer media will degrade the data but you will most likely never see the difference. The choice is yours of course but over $1 per discfor D/L, if you find a real good deal, compared to under $.30 for S/L just seems like a better deal to me.
  7. Crimedoggg

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    When you say mean CloneDVD, since I'm backing up movies right? Just wanted to be crystally clear. Thanks again.
  8. Zeratul

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    clonedvd will only copy the movie folders, because its made to be used with anydvd on commercial movies. it takes the movie files and sticks only them on the new dvd. clonecd copies everything on the cd/dvd exactly as it sees it.
  9. DetroitBaseball

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    I've always taken the position that it is not worth the extra money to use DL discs to preserve quality when there is not a significant difference for the money. Just remove extra features you don't need like other languages, subtitles, etc. CloneDVD allows you to remove those which helps out.
  10. sej7278

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    superbit movies don't compress very well onto dvd-r, as the picture is regular dvd quality, but the audio is better due to more space from no extras.

    the audio doesn't recompress at all, so you really have to reduce the picture quality to fit onto 4.3gb, thus superbits are worse than regular dvd's for recompressing onto dvd-r.
  11. ivanX

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    If it is the case of only a handful of DVDs that need to be copied then it is well worth investing a bit more cash for DL discs :agree:
  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Quite the contrary - superbit discs compress very well with CloneDVD (if you don't include the DTS track(s).
  13. ivanX

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    Ah, but we like some nice multichannel audio, don't we :D
  14. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    well yes, if you take out the DTS track, then you will find yourself with a regular dvd without extras, so you don't really have to compress to fit onto a dvd-r.