Superbad Blluray version not working

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by bachuka, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. bachuka

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    I'm using AnyDVD v but could not get Superbad in Bluray to backup correctly. I backed it up to the hard drive. I tried loading the movie by opening a folder on PowerDVD v3319a but it was just a black screen. I then created an ISO. This time it loaded to see the opening screen but it just stops at 90% load and would not go to the main menu.
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    I posted this in the proper thread as well, but seeing as someone created one for Superbad, I'll reiterate here: I was NOT trying to rip the disc, but using AnyDVD HD I was able to play the disc on a non-HDCP compliant setup. HOWEVER, AnyDVD reports that it cannot decrypt the bonus disc.
  3. bachuka

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    Ok, here's an update. For some reason, I can play it off the hard drive now by chosing the open from folder option. However, my ISO does not load just gets stuck on 90% load. Is there anyway for Anydvd to get rid of feature on the disc and just go to the main menu. I believe the disc is trying to do something with the web or something like that or is a java enabled disc.
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  4. clareman

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    you have to be connected to the net and it will retreive the key from the server...(the SB bonus disk)