Suggestions for (needed?) further development

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by lostinlodos, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. lostinlodos

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    Just a few notes for improvement on the best ripper :bowdown:

    Has anyone considered support for:
    multithreading (2x 4x and 8x core support). It takes about 35 minutes for me to rip a 140 minute film to level 20 compression generic AVI. A competing program (Nero Recode) can do it in 18 minutes with multithreading enabled on two cores on a single chip (36 minutes disabled). There's a hugely notable difference. Since most of us (being here!) have moved to dual-core systems and some (including myself) to quad, sexta, and octo systems, the comparatively minor adjustment coding could have amazing benefits for your users. I'd even pay (again) for a "pro" version that supported multithreading. I'm sure others would too!

    True x64/I64/A64 instruction support. The 64-bit era is here, any plan/timeline for true 64-bit support?
  2. lych

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    SMP, HT, and multi-core support would be nice; however, Slysoft would most likely have to ditch mencoder to do this (or heavily alter its source code).
  3. HK_sends

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    There needs to be a place (in the forums, maybe) where new or modified portable device profiles could be posted. That way we would have a one-stop-shop for profiles that could be added to the devices.ini file.
    Of course, we need a knowledgeable moderator to "reality check" them so we don't bork our players :policeman:

    -HK sends