Suggestions for AnyDVD-HD + Region Killer


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1. I have learned you are working on AnyDVD-HD, but are still unsure whether it will support Blu-Ray. Since Blu-Ray discs have a Region code and disabling Regions is one of AnyDVDs greatest features, I would like to ask you cordially to add Blu-Ray support :agree: .

2. You could release a new version of "Region Killer," the ancestor of AyDVD.
A FREE program that only disables DVD Region (and Blu-Ray Region,too, please), but DOES NOT TOUCH THE COPY PROTECTION, would be LEGAL in Europe (the import of non-Region-2 DVDs and having a multiregion DVD player are legal in my country), and the honest ;) users would appreciate the possibility to watch Region-discs without having to use illegal software or flashing the DVD drive, which can be dangerous.

I hope you will find my suggestions useful and there will be two new great programs available soon :) .

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i would also like blue-ray support. they seem to have more titles and studios backing them. i would gladly pay more for this.
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