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    I think AnyDVD-HD REALLY should support Blu-Ray, since Blu-Ray discs have a Region code and disabling it has always been one of the top features of AnyDVD. BTW, what is difference between the one and the other Region protection scheme except for the fact there are only three Regions?

    I also would like to encourage SlySoft to release a new version of "Region Killer," "AnyDVD"'s predecessor. A FREE software that only disable the Region (BOTH of DVD AND Blu-Ray, please) and does not touch the copy protection would be legal in Europe (in my country, the import of non-Region-2 DVDs
    for your own use [not for selling] and having a multi-region player are legal), and many "honest" ;) users would appreciate a possibility to watch Region-DVDs without using illegal software or flashing the drive.
    One could also add a simple "Player" option (with full-screen and audio, "AnyDVD-HD" could have it, too). I have already suggested the "Player" option for the regular "AnyDVD" (playback of Audio-CDs should be possible, too).

    Here are other suggestions:

    1. Since "AnyDVD" supports "Audio-CDs," the "Ripper" should also rip CDs, or at least save CD tracks as .WAV or. MP3 files to harddisk.
    2. The "Media Information Window" that appears when a DVD is inserted should offer the possibility the Standard Region.
    3. Information about Region and changes remaining (latter is still missing) of a drive should also be available when no DVD is inserted.
    4. A "TV-Standard" converter that can convert from NTSC to PAL and vice versa.
    5. An option "Open/Close Drive" for inserting and removing discs
    6. For consistency and easier finding, languages should always be given in their local names ("Dansk" instead of "Danish"). For languages not using the Latin alphabet, English names are acceptable.
    7. A Brazilian Portuguese documentation (so far the English files opens, when language is Brazilian Portuguese).

    I hope you will find the suggestions useful and add them soon.
    Many greetings,

    A Friend