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  1. ChiefTenToes

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    Can AnyDVD(HD) be improved to add the ability to automatically re-process 'virtually-mounted' disc images using the latest info available?

    This happens quite often, especially with newer titles that weren't in the opd when they were initially ripped but were added later.

    For example, I buy a new copy of "Insurgent" & rip it to an .iso on Monday for playback later. Then I have my wife take the original discs and put them in our bank's safety deposit box for safe keeping. (But little did I know that the disc wasn't added to the opd until Tuesday.) On Sunday night I go to play it but discover it's using a bad playlist, but I no longer have access to the original disc to re-rip because the bank is closed.

    The ability to re-process a ripped .iso disc would solve the problem! The way I see it working would go something like the following...

    1) If AACS found, goto ORIGINAL_DISC
    2) If no "ANY!" folder and "disc.inf" files, goto ORIGINAL_DISC

    1) Remove AACS & copy-prevent-flags
    2) Calculate a 'disc-id' hash
    3) Create an "ANY!" folder in the virtual cache area
    4) Save the 'disc-id' hash to the "disc.inf" file in the root of the virtual cache area
    5) Use 'disc-id' with the built-in/online protection database to determine if additional patches are required (due to obfuscation, ect.)
    6) Create a list of files that will be created for patching & save list in the "disc.inf" file
    7) Save copies of the original files that will be altered to the "ANY!" folder using their full paths
    8) Do the patching required
    9) Done

    1) Read the 'disc-id' from the "disc.inf" file
    2) In the virtual cache area restore the changes made previously by reversing all the alterations made via steps 3-9 above
    3) Proceed with re-processing steps 3-9 above

    I really feel it would be a great improvement to your already fabulous utility! THANKS!
  2. rik1138

    rik1138 Well-Known Member

    You could rip to a protected ISO, then AnyDVD would re-process it every time you mount it...

    Just out of curiosity, what's the point of putting your blu-ray discs in a bank safety deposit box? They aren't rare items that are going to increase in value, and they can be easily re-purchased if something happens to them... Seems kind of like overkill for protecting a disc. :) Just box them up and stuff them in a closet if you don't want them cluttering up the place you watch movies in, and then you can get to them easily when you need them...
  3. ChiefTenToes

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    That was just an example as I really store the discs I purchase back in their cases up in the attic. And I play the files back on my oppo disc player in my theater room so ripping to a protected .iso just isn't an option.

    What I'm saying is that there's times when it's hard/time consuming to get the originals back out & re-rip them when a couple of modifications to the processing could be a big advantage.

    Besides, over the next few months a better technique/procedure could be discovered (possibly a cinavia fix?) at which time it might make sense to alter the old patches so re-processing a previously fixed disc might be required.
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    What a story! LOL
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    Here is one. I backed up my bluray on my laptop using your software only to find I lost my baggage on my plane flight with my bluray in my bag. Now my movie will not play in the correct order. Help!

  6. ChiefTenToes

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    We all have heard the old tail where "my dog ate my homework"... Well, several months back I was dog-sitting while my brother went on vacation and his golden retriever puppy managed to 'eat' four new Blu-Ray discs right through their covers! They were all unplayable when I discovered them the next morning & had to be replaced, so strange events really do happen sometimes... :rolleyes:

    That's why having a utility like AnyDvd(HD) is so needed to make backups in case the unknown happens...
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  7. mike20021969

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    Wouldn't AnyDVDs status window would've indicated something along those lines though when it scanned the disc...
  8. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    No, wouldn't - AnyDVD usually doesn't know that it didn't detect the protection correctly.

    Anyway - short answer to all this:
    - if AnyDVD messed up a deprotection, which is a rare scenario, re-insert the original disc when the fix was added.
    - If you put that original disc out of reach, because you customarily store your discs on a satellite orbiting the moon, well, that's really your problem.
    - if you don't have the original because you download badly pirated copies from the internet - then it gives us a world of delight, that AnyDVD won't help you fix that.