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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by spheasant1, Feb 24, 2007.

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    I am a big fan of CloneDVD works great with my Creative Zen Vision W. No problems with out-of-synch audio as many seem to report in another thread.

    One feature that I was impressed with on another piece of software I own is that they had a selection to actually increase the audio volume when converting. It really worked well and allowed me to use a much lower volume level on my player because the inherent audio in the resulting *.avi was at a higher level.

    Any chance you could add this to the list of possible future enhancements?

  2. Matt

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    Good suggestion, I second this request.

    Any chance if a SlySoft rep can tell us if this will/won't happen?
  3. pawtracks

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    Try this to fix the volume yourself, it works for me.

    I too am hoping for a new release of clonedvd mobile with some of these fixes in them soon. C'mon guys give us something new! :agree:

    Or at least let us know you are listening...
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  4. spheasant1

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    Thanks! I'll give that a whirl!
  5. spheasant1

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    Just for completeness' sake and accuracy in case others wish to increase their volume.

    I changed the volume setting in the Devices.ini file in my Slysoft directory as suggested above for my Creative Labs Zen Vison W.

    The actual setting name is MVolume and I set it as follows:
    MVolume=10 [default]
    Mvolume=25 [my preferred setting]
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