Suggested Blu-Ray an/or DVD Writer/Reader For Reading Dicey Discs

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by meeshu, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. meeshu

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    I'm trying to find either a Blu-Ray or a DVD drive (writer, or reader only) that has excellent error correction capability and is able to read (recover) data from DVD's that are starting to fail?

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Error correction? Such drives don't exist, not as writer not as a reader only. The error correcting drives can do is skip/ignore the bad sectors and jump to the next sector. It ends there. Some drives are a bit more lenient towards reading bad sectors, but none can correct them. If the sector is bad, it's bad.
  3. Tourist

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    LiteOn drives used to have the best error correction, but i don't know if that's still true for current models.
  4. meeshu

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    Yes. It is understood that some older make/model drives were quite good at reading failing or scratched discs (for example the BenQ DW1620), but it is not clear what current make/model drives are good at reading dicey discs, hence the question.

    From quick online searches, it seems some Samsung, LG, and Lite-On drives are often recommended for reading dicey discs. Also, there have been some recommendations to use Blu-Ray writers/readers as they might be better at reading dicey DVD's than DVD writers/readers(?) Again it would be nice to have verification of this if specific make and models of drives could be provided.

    Another complication is that due to component tolerances and perhaps variation in assembly of drives, even same model drives may perform differently in reading/writing capability. For example, I get two of the same make and model drive. One drive may be better at reading dicey discs than the other drive.

    So what would be recommended make/model drives??
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    I used a few brands in the early days. for the past decade, nothing but LG for me.
  6. meeshu

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    So the LG drives are good at reading dicey discs?

    Which model(s) of LG drive(s) seem to be better/best at reading dicey discs?
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    I student say that. As I said earlier in other words, backups need to be bit-exact if your want a fully functioning backup, no amount of retrying on dicey discs will fix that. A drive may read that disc 1 day and refuse it the next. I usually just take care of my discs :) if there's data on them I don't want to lose . Other than that, for me personally, LG only.
  8. mmdavis

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    Best DVD readers I've seen was the original Plextor drives. They would read discs that other drives had problems with. Last real Plextor was the PX-760, current are all re-badges.
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  9. meeshu

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    The mention of LG implied that they were good at reading dicey discs. If they are not good at reading failing/bad discs, then why mention LG?

    mmdavis, yes, I also understand that the (original) Plextors are/were good at reading dicey discs. But I tried the latest Plextor model PX-891SAF on a failing disc, but it's reading performance was mediocre to average; no better than some other drives I currently have. Also it sounds like it might be a Lite-On clone(?) Anyway, the PX-891SAF is being sold, as it's reading performance is not as good as I had hoped.

    Currently my Lite-On iHAS324 C drive is doing a barely reasonable job of reading the failing disc, but it is very slow progress.

    Any other drive suggestions?