Successful purchase with AAA TravelMoney prepaid debit card

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Thundarr, Jul 15, 2016.

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    If you say so. I just know I have read a post by an admin stating otherwise a good while back.
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    It should, though naturally it can never hurt to use a different one, and if wanted have it changed through support :)
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    I finally gave up on the AAA card after 4 tries. Although AAA (MetaBank) says that internet and worldwide purchases should go through without an issue, I kept getting the dreaded 66 failure code. When I called the bank, they said that it didn't hit their system at all and they didn't reject it; I should call the merchant, blah, blah, blah. Although it was a bit nerve-racking for me to use Circle and bitcoins, (I'm not quite a Luddite, but it was a new experience), it turned out to be pretty simple. I've got my license again; yippee!!
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    A lot of guides and articles make using bitcoin look a lot harder than it really is. Glad you got your license. Welcome to the fox den :)
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    Try qck-card. It come to any name to mailbox for free. Then you need to activate card and pay the activation fee. Possible deposit your card with bank transfer or with bitcoins. No ID required.
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    I just purchased a PREPAID CARD but the 20% discount isn't available! I've been trying since November to get an update.
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    Check back regularly. Discounts are usually around major holidays.
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    You could contact support. Being that you have been trying to make a purchase for a while now. And have not been able to do to no fault of your own.