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Successful Network Streaming


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Jan 30, 2007
8) Group. I have successfully ripped an HD-DVD to my office server and streamed Superman Returns via my 10/100 (not gigabyte) network to my Media PC in our family room.

No need to run a video cable or copy the files first to the media center machine. This will allow be to build up my HD library via Netflix and since I have plenty of storage (a combined 1.5 T) save and watch the films when I choose to until such time as burner and media prices drop considerably. While this is not a perminent solution it should suffice for the next 6 months when hopefully prices will drop.

The media PC is a P4D 3.4 gig w/2 gig, 250 g HDD, ATI 1600 connected via standard analog VGA to a 3 year old 1080i 42" Plasma (no DVI input) and a Yamaha 7.1 receiver connected to the PC via SP/DIF optical.

The end output to the Plasma and the sound were every bit as good as an HD-DVD stand alone player in that room (Toshiba HD-A2).

Testing found that it took about 1 hour to copy an HD-DVD ripped folder across the network so logic told me that the network speed was great enough to stream the content as the movie in question was about 2 hours in length.