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    I can't seem to copy dvd's with subtitles. Can anyone help me? I have tried both Pan's Laberinth and Letters from Iwo Jima
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    11. Subtitles won't play on my backup. Why?

    a) Ensure you selected all the appropriate subtitles in Clonedvd.
    b) Unless you choose to preserve the main menu in Clonedvd (and select them from the disc's menu during playback), subtitles may not play automatically
    c) You may need to use your dvd player's remote to select the appropriate subtitles while the movie is playing. Refer to your dvd player manual for more information about how to do this with your remote control
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    It is a good idea to keep all subtitle tracks selected (at least those of your language).
    Use the *right* pane in CloneDVD to set your preferences / adjustments for subtitle / audio streams.
    It is a good advice to leave the *left* pane of the stream selection alone. Let CloneDVD choose the correct selection for individual titles, it does a very good job. Manual "clicking around" will likely introduce errors.
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    Thanks. Added info here (question 11):