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    Greetings. I have purchased several Chinese films. They all have English subtitles. The problem is that sometimes these subtitles do not appear on my dvd backup copy. I am using dvdnextcopy and anydvd softwares.

    I just made my second backup of The Emperor & The Assassin but the subtitles do not appear. I had this problem with subtitles with Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. Someone suggested that I make a backup of the entire dvd (including the extra's) and not to backup the movie only. I did this and the problem was solved.

    However, backing up the entire dvd is not solving the problem with the backup of The Emperor & The Assassin.

    Should I choose the option in anydvd for Transparent Subtitles? According to the user guide this is for subtitles used in overhead projectors. Right?
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    Your problem is specific to your use of dvdnextcopy. This is not an Anydvd issue. I recommend posting on dvdnextcopy's forums. click

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    Thanks Webslinger. I will take your advice and use that link.