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    I am nowhere near a tech-head. In fact I love this product for its simplicity in putting stuffthat I own onto my video ipod I do however have an issue, but I guess it spawns out of my lack of tech-prowess more then anything.

    Is there a setting to have some subtitles, but to not have EVERYTHING subtitled? Like for example Return of the Jedi. I'd like Jabba the Hutt to be subtitled as he should be, but not have everything subtitled.

    Thank you in advance for any help.
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    Anybody? I could really use some help here.
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    Type 1 works as expected - e.g for War where Japanese dialog is spoken, the English "subtitle" appears automatically (even though this CloneDvdMobile output from a BD converted to dvd has NO subtitle stream).


    Perhaps the support team has an answer for Type 2?

    AtTheAsylum - I checked the thread you linked above and tried The Kingdom - it gives the "English subtitles" also as expected (with subtitles disabled in CloneDvdMobile) so this is a Type 1 forced subtitle also - CloneDvdMobile reproduces it with no problem automatically.


    Now I will have to dig out Star Wars and see if it works with Jabba the Hut.... ;)

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    So, the link provided by AtTheAsylum provides all the info about which subtitle to select for the different Star Wars movies - here is the specific post from that thread:

    As recommended, I selected English subtitle 2 for Return of the Jedi (2004 THX version) and ran Chapter 5 through CloneDvdMobile (angle 1, which is the English version track).


    Good find, AtTheAsylum :bowdown:

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    I have been going through as many of the threads as I can on "forced subtitles" and I keep coming across "forced subs off". I am using AnyDVD with Clone DVD Mobile converting to iPod (Gen 5 HiRes). I may just need it spelled out for me (newbe) but I don't see a setting of any kind for forced subs and only get them on output about 50% of the time. Any help/suggestions would be great...thanks.