Subtitles hard-burned into video?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by dalemccl, Dec 30, 2014.

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    I used CloneBD trial to copy from an hard disk .iso of a Blu-ray movie to an mp4 file using Copy Mode: Files/mp4 Container. Although the audio is in English, I also wanted the English subtitles, so I checked "English" in the subtitles list at the top of the "Selection" screen. The resulting mp4 file seems to have the subtitles hard-burned into the video track. I can't turn them off in a software player. (I could see the subtitles in the preview screen while CloneBD was processing the movie, so I thought it might be permanently burning them into the video, and apparently it did).

    What I want is to include the subtitles in the copy, but preserve the ability to turn them on or off during playback, when desired, like you can with the original Blu-ray disc. How do I do that? Thanks.
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    Don't think the mp4 container allows for selectable subs

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    It appears only MKV files allow for selectable subtitles as part of the container file, MP4 requires a separate selectable file (ttxt).

    Multimedia Container Formats
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    Thanks. I will try it with mkv output.
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    MKV is more powerful and the one and only container, which will be able to meet all future expectations with respect to converting the main movie into a single file.
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    Partial Copy - Main movie with forced(burned in) subtitles


    I bought the full license for cloneBD and testing with the movie Elysium which has forced subtitles throughout the movie.
    I want the same quality as the original so I chose the Partial Copy, selected the main movie, the correct subtitle file as well as the first 2 audio files. The copy completed in 2 hours with both audio tracks correctly, the video looked great except no subtitles. Is this issue already in the bugs and issues list or do I have to get it added? Thank you.
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    Subtitles dont work at time

    Upcoming changes and features:
    - Full 3D support in compressed discs
    - Full 3D support in matroska files
    - Full subtitle support in matroska and MP4 files
    - Support for DVD output (downscaled to SD naturally)
    - Support for DLNA
    - Support for BDAV (BDs created by recorder)
    - Improved support for all new codecs, like WebM, HEVC, AAC+, FLAC, ...
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    Thanks. What about having forced subs in a .ts stream?