Subtitles for 3D video works

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    When side-by-side MKV conversion is performed on a Blu-ray 3D work,
    subtitles are displayed over the left and right images, and you cannot enjoy viewing using subtitles during 3D playback.

    The solution is to be able to display subtitles on both the left and right, but isn't it possible to select it?

    The viewing environment is to play MKV saved on PC with VLC. Watch 3D video with Epson projector (EH-TW5650).

    Symptoms are confirmed in all the 3D version Blu-ray works in possession.
    The version of CloneBD used is 2020-02-04
    PC is WIN10-64bit March latest. beta 2019-10-02 mentions 3D subtitles, but does not check for crashes or invisibility.

    The original language is Japanese. Used Google Translate.
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    (Please go to the Japanese forum, but in Japanese)
    Everyone who read this, the staff, was upset.