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    am running the latest versions of cloneDVD and anyDVD.
    I already backed up around 300 DVD's (from the original DVD disk and with DVD menu and selected audiotracks/subtitles) to my NAS. One thing I don't seem to get under controll: subtitle quality.
    most of the subtitles of my ripped movies, viewed om my 50" HD Ready plasma with mediacenter/mymovies, have a pixelated effect. some movies more than other, but it's almost always present.
    On some ripped movies the subtitles are also placed too high in the movie picture and are disturbing.

    when viewing the original DVD disk on the same monitor both issues are not present.

    anyone able to point me in a direction for a solution?
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    Neither issue have anything to do with Anydvd nor Clonedvd. Anydvd doesn't affect subtitle quality when used at default settings (Click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Click "default". Click "ok".), and Clonedvd, to the best of my knowledge, does not compress subtitle streams. Basically, under those conditions, you either have subtitles or you don't (depending on whether you chose to back them up in Clonedvd). That's all that's going to happen.

    The problem is either limitations with your hardware or settings (you may need to change them).
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