Sub-titles on ripped HD-DVD to hard drive

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by sfoster4, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. sfoster4

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    Say, does anyone else have the problem of English subtitles showing up on your ripped movies when you play them. I have ripped a few movies (HD-DVD) using my XBox player and AnyDVD-HD When I play them with PowerDVD HD 7.3 I get subtitles and I can't turn them off. Any thoughts on this, or is this user error?
  2. Faye

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    It's not just you, I'm sure. You can comment out the subtitles in the .XPL file using HTML/XML style comments:

    <!-- like this -->
  3. guysb

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    This happens to me when play Full Metal Jacket from the HDDVD disc itself. I cannot remove the subtitles and cannot bring up the menu!
  4. ibglowin

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    I edited a backup copy of the xpl file and commented out all the subtitles.

    The subtitles disappeared as well as the PIP problem. Only thing that was weird was if you hit the play movie button I was locked into main title menu loop. If you go into scene index and hit play from there it worked perfect.

    This was on King Kong so it is much more pleasing than having to turn off subtitles as well as the freakin PIP each time you start it.

    Open in notepad and work on a backup copy. It was quite easy and sorta fun.
  5. roog

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    Thanks for the info!
  6. Faye

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    I'd say you have a backup copy on the disc, but you may have lent out the original, so yes a good idea to work on a backup.

    You can also remove any tags relating to Applications - since they're the menu stuff, and often cause more problems than they solve.

    You can also remove everything except the main title. I like to keep main title and "black" and have black loop through to black again.

    main title's next title becomes "black" black's next title becomes "black" too.

    You can then remove all the other bits and pieces - make sure your id's are sequential, numbered from 1.