Studios dragged into DVD format war

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  1. Charlie

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    This story was too good not to share. :clap:

    "....A spokeswoman confirmed today that the movie studios have been asked to supply information about any restrictions they have agreed to. The commission appears to be particularly interested in the Blu-ray format......",,2117560,00.html
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    While this thread probably does belong in the General section where you posted it, I suspect more people in the Anydvd HD forum will be interested, so I'll move the thread there.
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  3. roog

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    Just what I've been advocating, antitrust action against the Blu-ray movie studios. I wish the US government would take its blinders off and investigate this as well. Come on Microsoft, get on the bandwagon, it's in your best interest.
  4. Charlie

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    Thanks webslinger. I am in hopes that HD-DVD will win now too.
  5. Octavean

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    Very interesting Charlie thanks for posting it and thanks for moving it here Webslinger.

    Unfortunately, “competition” is something of a dying concept in the USA. The HD DVD / Blu-ray conflict isn’t really a competition because the long term goal is to eradicate the competition and acquire monopoly control.

    IMO everything should be done to prevent the dominance of one over the other in order to prevent monopoly control and rather force an oligopoly (a market situation in which each of a few producers affects but does not control the market).

    I’m sure it’s a very unpopular view but I strongly believe that equilibrium should be forced.
  6. Charlie

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    Here is a link that might be worth looking at too and I found it interesting. I really keep up on all the news over the two formats as it can get confusing if you just watch the commercials only not that any commercials are out on HD media yet.

    Warner Bros' Glu-ray dual HD disks delayed -