Streaming Video Capture - What's the Best?


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Jan 29, 2007

(I've had AnyDVD for well over a year now and I have been EXTREMELY pleased with it. Can't recommend it enough. Btw. :agree: )

I figure there are a lot of knowledgeable "video-philes" here so, what do you all recommend as the best for capturing streaming video? I've done some searching (at such places as, etc.) but can't seem to find what I need/am looking for. Your opinions will be greatly valued. Thank you!
I use WMRecorder version 10.2. It does an excellent job recording all Windows Media streaming files. The also have a version for Real Media streaming files. The software con be found at
Video Capture

Snagit V8 does a decent but low quality job. Personally, I now use Total
Recorder (High Criteria) V6.1 with a video add-on. It produces high quality AVI file that I easily convert to mpeg2 with Nero Express.
Thanks guys! I really do appreciate the feedback. :agree: I've heard of WMRecorder but needed some actual user feedback/review, you know? So hearing your opinions and finding out about other options is really helping me out before I plop down my money. :D If your friends and acquaintances have any suggestions as well, will you please post? Thanks again for the help. :)