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Streaming HD-DVD


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Feb 14, 2007
Okay- with the release of HD-DVD we will be able to rip HD-DVD content to our hard drives.

Most if not all video cards don't have component out so the only way I can think of to view the HD-DVD content would be by streaming.

Is there any way at this time to stream HD-DVD from hard drive to Xbox 360 to playback on HDTV?

It's Simple

Once you copy the movie to your hard drive you take a dvi to hdmi cable or a straight dvi cable(Cable depends and how new the hdtv is) and hook itfrom your computer to your tv.

Two problems with that approach for me and probably for a lot of others

1) TV and computer are pretty far away from each other and those cables can be really expensive

2) TV has component in, so not only do I need a long cable but I need an adapter- big bucks

Best solutions:

a) Streaming HD-DVD to XBox 360 connected to TV


b) Burn HD-DVD to DVD-9 by spliting HD-DVD into two or more DVD-9 discs without compression (and so maintaining quality).

Problem- to my knowledge technology for neither of these exists today.

But here's hoping that somebody, perhaps somebody here, makes it possible in the future.
You would need a wired gigabit connection to stream to an xbox 360 equipped TV. Wireless will not cut it.

Most people will need to build a new PC since most current ones are not powerful enough. Then put said PC next to TV and get a $10 DVI to HDMI cable.
You can stream both mpg2 and WM9 without a wired connection so perhaps there is hope that HD-DVD can also be streamed. Probably only a matter of converting the HD-DVD material to mpg2 then streaming.
Well, Converting VC-1 to MPEG 2 in HD results in a huge mb/s rate. Your best bet at streaming would leave it in it's current format.
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Is there a media extender out there that can handle streaming the ripped video?