Streaming BD movies to PS3 works great!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Altair, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Altair

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    With a rip from AnyDVD HD to my computer hard drive, I am able to stream Blu-Ray movies to the PS3 at full high def and 5.1 Surround sound. I used Twonky to stream the video from my MSS server. Mind you at 40Gig a pop, that means all of a dozen movies on a 500gb drive!
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    Can you put more details or a guide on how to do this? I am a newby to PS3...

    Maybe there is a link that you can provide on how to do this. Assuming I already have ripped my blu-ray to my PC HDDs, how do I play them back on the PS3 using the network or an external HDD ?

    thanks for your time,
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    Yes please

    I am considering that option and instructions would be helpful

    Thanks in advance
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  4. Tyrod01

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    I too would like to know how you do it.
  5. Altair

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    Need a Blu-Ray Player, AnyDVD-HD, and TwonkyVision: or on alternative sites (look for PacketVideo)
    You also need to have a wired networked connection between your computer and the PS3.

    Rip the BD movie to your hard drive on your computer using the "RIP VideoDVD to Harddisk" option on AnyDVD-HD.

    Create a Videos folder on your PC and move the ripped movie folder to it.

    Start Twonky and point the videos folders out to twonky config page.

    The PS3 should be able to see the Twonky server under the videos tab (and music and pictures if you have set them up in Twonky and on your PC). Keep going down the folders until you get to the stream folder for the movie. One of the .mts files is the movie (you can figure out by seeing which one is the largest file on the PC!). click on that file and the movie should start running.

    reply back if you get it to work!
  6. Tyrod01

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    Are you using a HP MediaSmartServer running Windows Home Server software?
  7. usvikas

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    I am able get the PS3 working using your instructions. Some of the ripped movies does not play in PS3 and they give error " The data type is not supported" Any ideas ?

    Otherwise the Media Server runs great. Thanks a lot for sharing the Twonky info and setup.

  8. dj wurst

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    nothing really new. this is known for months.

    vc-1 doesn't work
    only ac3 is supported
  9. Tyrod01

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    LPCM will work too.