Stranger Than Fiction not Shrink compatible


Stranger than Fiction doesn't work with AnyDVD/Shrink, I'll be burning Flushed Away, Babel, and Prestige throughout the day to give word on them. Man of the Year will work with Shrink.

AnyDVD for Stranger Than Fiction said:
Summary for drive F: (AnyDVD
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
Size of first Layer: 2084960 sectors (4072 MBytes)
Total size: 4169920 sectors (8144 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: Stranger Than Fiction
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

RCE protection not found.
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Found & removed structural copy protection (Arccos, Puppetlock)!
Found & removed bogus title set!
Found & removed Autorun from Video DVD!
Found & removed 83 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!


Well-Known Member beta contains also the changes from beta, which had some more changes for arccos. SO please update and see the result.


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Let me know how Babel backs up. I'll be pickin it up tuesday at Bestbuy. I have some reward zone $ to spend.


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Babel backs up with no problem, even the Steven Segal movie Flight of Fury, was an easy backup this time


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I don't have an HDVD drive and I don't speak german, so I'll wait to download it till it's out of beta.

1, Anydvd and Anydvd HD are the exact same program
I don't have an HD-DVD drive either, and I'm using Anydvd HD

2. Anydvd fixes an issue with Sony nonsense

3. The program isn't in German

4. Anydvd isn't beta
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