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Strange happenings since


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Jan 31, 2007
I have been having problems with AnyDVD/1ClickDVD ever since I upgraded to I have been trying to get the issues resolved at CDfreaks and Afterdark with no success. In short, I was experiencing the "disabled" drive problem whenver I backed up DVD. I installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled various betas after, and still was able to get the problem fixed. However, I able to successful burn with DFDCrypter and Shrinkit 2.3 the entire time. The original DVDs are recognized correctly, as are previously burned DVDs.

Fast forward to now. I completely uninstalled 1ClickDVD and AnyDVD, and reinstalled 1ClickDVD ( and AnyDVD ( Both are registered copies. I am using Memorex 16DVD+r media, and Memorex DVD (16X-DDL-ILO), Windows XP.

I able to burn two DVDs (Clerks II and WordPlay). However, when I attempted a third DVD (Prince Rave UN2 the 2000), I began having the same problem. The original DVD is recognized, and it appears to successful burn in 1ClickDVD (no errors), however, when I reinsert the copy, the DVD is not playable on PC or DVD player, and AnyDVD reports "No disc in drive". I was able to backup the same DVD with DVDDecrypter and Shrinkit 2.3, and I no longer able to to successful any DVDs with AnyDVD/1ClickDVD.

This has become very frustrating. I never had any problems with AnyDVD/1ClickDVD until, and I don't understand why I cannot get it work consistently. Even more puzzling, I do not have a problem with DVDDecrypter and Shrinkit

Should I do something extra when I uninstall to make sure I getting a fresh installation? Any suggestions?

Sorry if I wasn't clear on my post. I have been having problems since, and I included the history, but you'll notice in the second paragraph, I did upgrade to latest version of AnyDVD ( and 1ClickDVD (
I would seriously consider obtaining different media, Memorex is usually not the most reliable media to use for burning. Get a box of Verbatim Dataplus or TY discs, they are the most reliable.

Best of luck.
I also have a Memorex 16X-DDL-IN with v1.A4 firmware. I use AnyDVD with 1Click DVDCopy 5 and CloneDVD2. I was not able to make a back-up with AnyDVD v6.1.1.3 but was with v6.1.1.4 and 1Click or CloneDVD. There was a new version of 1Click that came out today. It is now v5.1.1.4. Make sure you have the v1.A4 firmware and the newest 1Click version. There may have been a problem since the newest version came out so quick after the other.

Still could be the media. I used both versions and had no problems with either, of course, I wasn't attempting Saw III.
I will try new media when my cartridge is depleted. However, I don't that's the issue. I have no problems burning with DVDDecryper and Shrinkit 2.3, using the same media.

Also, regarding firmware upgrades, firmware 1.4A is for Memorex (16x-DDL-IN). I have a Memorex ((16X-DDL-ILO), and there is not a firmware upgrade available on the Memorex website.