Storage of BD media


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Oct 8, 2013
I think this is an important subject. I can't find anything posted on this subject on this forum. This is what I have found about storage of BD media, including burnt ones and commercial disks.
1. Burnt BD media cannot be stored where the surface is touching anything. You can find mentions of this elsewhere on the internet. There may not be any visible marks on the disk surface. This will lead to read and playback errors. The caveat is that after changing the storage of the offending disk to where the surface is not touching anything, in a jewel case for example, the disk will return to normal quality.
2. Blank BD media should not be posted in pockets where the surface is touching anything. I made a sizeable purchase from Japan of disks stored in those pockets. From being squashed in the packaging, you could see marks on the surface. I tried many, none would burn properly. I ended up returning what I could and getting a refund.
3. Commercial BD media can have issues. There was the case of the Lost in Space boxed set. Reviews included complaints of the packaging, where the disks were held tightly in cardboard. For whatever reason, two of the disks in the set I got had scratches on them. Both these disks had significant playback issues. Both were moved to jewel cases. After a week and not less, one disk then played fine with no errors. The other disk had authoring issues (maybe playback issues in some brand players, including Sony) as well as playback issues. The only recourse was to use a backup from AnyDVD (this wouldn't work a week earlier). Ripping was still slow in the damaged part of the disk. My Pioneer 207 produced a perfect rip. My LG BHNS40 (pre UHD friendly) had errors in the successful rip. None of the other LIS disks had problems. I did test rips of the whole lot.

The above are my own findings. I don't think I have misinterpreted anything. Not all burnt BD media will have issues if stored wrong for whatever reason.

I apologize if this has all been posted before, but as I said, I tried but couldn't find anything.
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