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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by euh, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. euh

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    Hello :) Im a fairly new CloneCD user and I've noticed a problem. I've burned around 10 successful xbox360 games on double layer cd's, but when I recently tried again it stopped at around 50% and didnt start burning again. Anyone knows what the problem is? Please help :) Thanks in advance
  2. Whisperer

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    Don't you mean double layer DVD's? Name your DL media media please.

  3. euh

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    Yeah I meant double layer dvd's. What do you mean by DL media? I use UTorrent if that's what your wondering. Sorry, but I'm kinda new to all those names. By the way I'm from sweden, might be some errors in my language :) Thanks in advance
  4. Zeratul

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    DL media = double layer dvd blanks that your using to burn. uTorrent doesnt matter to burning at all.

    most DL dvd media brands are not good quality and have a high chance of burn errors. if you give us the brand on the DVD-DLs we can usually determine if they are good quality or not.
  5. euh

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    Oh sorry. Yeah well. Okey. This is what is says on the label:

    Infiniti Gaming.
    360 Inkjet Printable.
    Dual layer 8.5gb data.
    DVD+R DL

    I'm currently trying to burn a disc, but... I don't know, I think i've got memories of the burnspeed up to 5k, but currently it's around the 3k area. Maybe wrong of me..

    Thanks for the answers anyway, keep them coming :)
  6. Whisperer

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    What BRAND name of DL blanks are you using? If you are stating that you are using Infiniti "Gaming" for a brand, then that is unreliable media. You should be using Verbatim brand only.

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  7. euh

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    Okey, thanks a lot, ill go and buy some other discs. If it doesnt work then ill blame the burner =P