Stay with SlySoft or switch to RedFox

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    @segaman40 ,

    I disagree to a point, whilst some may consider to have had their monies worth, it's not just new license holders who will lose out. Some of us can't afford to buy new licenses. In my situation I'm unable to work any more due to ill health and would find it difficult on my low income to pay for a new license. I'm hoping that existing customers like myself will at least be given a discount on a new RedFox license. I know this has been mentioned but I understand we must wait for these things to be finalized.
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    So if I want to keep the last version, SlySoft, where can I find it now?
    I didn't update for about 2 months...
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    The last version so far is 7695 and can be accessed by clicking the big red DOWNLOAD button top right corner. As long as your license is still valid you can update.

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    The latest version I had downloaded was From what I have gleaned from this website is that the newest version will connect to the Redfox database. As such when this company decides to go to a subscription fee based model, they can turn off this version of the software for those not paying the annual renewal fee.

    I will not be updating my current software and if at some point in the future it fails to work with new DVD's then I will start my search for a copy program and make the decision as to which to buy in part on the cost and anything with a annual renewal fee is not going to be on the list.
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    The last official Slysoft version,, does NOT connect to the Redfox Online Protection Database, only or higher do.

    The and higher versions are interim releases.
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    As far as I can see, there is no need to update to anything beyond The newer versions provide only support for new discs and switch to the RedFox online database. If you stay with, you can follow the procedure descibed in
    to map the SlySoft domain names to IP addresses for Windows. Otherwise AnyDVD won't find its online database. But nobody seems to know for how long the SlySoft servers will still be online.

    If you only use DVDs there is still less need for the software updates. CSS decryption does not require the online database.
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    Then you see wrong. There's a reason that topic is no longer a sticky. It no longer applies, slysoft is dead and so are the related DNS entries. It's perfectly known how long that opd version will be accessible. It's in the license section sticky.

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    Are you sure? The SlySoft servers are still running (ping, mapping via hosts file is done exactly because the DNS is not working. The license thread isn't as clear as crystal on things to come: When the developers speak about the OPD, are they speaking about the SlySoft OPD or the RedFox OPD or both? And they never say what exactly will happen on May 1. "Old AnyDVD versions might die a slow death." This could mean a lot.

    Really, if I'm still so utterly confused and seeing wrong - after reading a lot in the forums lately -, it would be very nice and helpful for the users if someone could word a short FAQ entry in collaboration with the RedFox team to make things clearer. You see the kind of suspicions and worries that is developing in some SlySoft customers.
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    There's a new RedFox opd, which 7691 and beyond connect to. It's in the changelog. Even with the host fix you're still referring to a domain that can go offline completely at any time, then what?

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    Not that far then?(!)

    Almost all releases contain:
    - Some minor fixes and improvements

    That alone is a reason to update.
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    The domain name is already cut off. But I'm not sure if SlySoft does no longer exist as an Inc. (though obviously not operational anymore), and the servers might simply stay up until the next bills are due. Which could be longer than the RedFox OPD might be available for old SlySoft licencees - we still don't know. For those who are not sure if they want to relicense, it's a valid question: Stay with and connect to SlySoft OPD and be cut off when the (unadministered?) server goes down, or update and connect to RedFox OPD and, in the worst case, be completely cut off when the first RedFox AnyDVD is there?
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    The domain isn't cut off, it still resolves to a website (if you call it that). When I say offline I mean offline, it won't even resolve then and even a host edit wont fix that.

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  13. mike20021969

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    Wont work in a million years. The only thing will connect to is a dead end.
    One of the reasons was released is so it could connect to RedFox's OPD.
  14. steven-hhx

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    One would have to try it (I can't because I already have installed). As I said: The SlySoft key server itself is still up, you can ping it and it delivers HTML. I know that it will go down eventually, but as of now SlySoft customers don't know if and how the RedFox OPD will be available to them in a few weeks, so both alternatives probably amount to the same thing if they don't want to relicense. We will have to see...
  15. Ch3vr0n

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    of course the redfox opd will be up. It's the slysoft one that will be coming down in the future. If anyone wants to keep connecting to the OPD, the only way that's happening is on 7691 and above.
  16. bn2wild

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    I don't want the new big red button, I just want the latest SlySoft prior to Redfox. I still am dubious about what is going to happen until the dust settles...
    So again, where are the older versions updates stored?
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    I've got some of the more recent updates stored if you want me to email them to you?

    I have versions:

    SlySoftAnyDVD: 7630

    SlySoftAnyDVD: 7640

    SlySoftAnyDVD: 7680

    SlySoftAnyDVD: 7690

    Might have some older ones in my image backups going back another year or so.

    PM me if you want any?
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