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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wallcloud, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Thanks! Exactly the kind of background info I was looking for. I might do well to rip like crazy and stack those up for handbrake, especially discs from recent years. I don't mind getting a new subscription through Red Fox, but would prefer not to just yet after having paid for the two year not long ago.
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    Understandable - but check the actual license renewal offer RedFox will be making. As a valid SlySoft license owner you will not have to pay the full price again.

    Have a look how many BDs with additional copy protection you have (BD+, BD-Java) and just rip them first. Plain vanilla AACS protections and old discs are handled without the OPD anyway.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Don't make assumptions, you don't know that. My sticky only states they will be making SOME sort of compensation, it does NOT state a discount or what the compensation will be. It can go from full price but extra valid months to reduced price. I don't know where you got the discount idea but it certainly wasn't in my sticky thread.

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  4. Viki

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    So, is April 30th the deadline for Redfox to announce what kind of pricing will be in effect?
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    Hi there, I appreciate the time you spent explaining the software licence concerns for users but I'm very sorry to say that like many people here I'm still very confused. I've spent nearly all day trying to understand what will happen in my particular circumstances but there's so much debate on this site that it's now just too confusing for someone like me who rarely visits these forums.

    I have a Slysoft 'Liftetime Licence' for the following two products: SlySoft AnyDVD (Non HD) and Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD. When I first arrived at this new site today looking for an update I discovered that Slysoft had changed to RedFox, it was quite a shock! I quickly noticed that an update was being offered for AnyDVD to take me to version and having read the accompanying write-up it made it sound like this update was only available for a limited time (30th April 2016) so I quickly installed it.

    However now that I've read some of the other posts I more confused than when I started, in particular I'm confused about your latest amendment which reads as follows:

    [Ch3vr0n]NOTE: All slysoft license holders, any version beyond will work with your Slysoft license as long as your license is valid at the time of version release and the released version is NOT a RedFox Anydvd HD release that requires a new RedFox license!

    Am I to assume that updating to RedFox AnyDVD HD release has compromised my licence? Your above paragraph suggests that my my Slysoft licence will not be valid with this latest update form RedFox?!

    I would be extremely grateful if you could also answer the two following questions without re-directing me to various other links.

    Q1: Will my Slysoft AnyDVD 'Liftetime Licence' allow me to get updates forever? I don't think I need the HD version as I don't rip Blu-rays. I think your post said something about I would need to update to the HD version but I'm not clear about this.

    Q2: Will my CloneDVD 'Lifetime Licence' continue to be administered by Elaborate Bytes and if so can I assume this is not effected by RedFox ?

    Thanking you in advance

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  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    That note said the exact opposite of what you think it says. It clearly states that any version will work as long as your license is valid at the time of release.

    Q1: already answered i suggest you read that sticky again
    Q2: already answered I suggest you read that sticky / download page again.

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  7. Wallcloud

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    Already planning to do that ;)
  8. steven-hhx

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    Thanks, Ch3vr0n, for the correction, of course I'm aware that I don't know what the RedFox licensing model will be. "You will not have to pay the full price again" was just meant to be a very brief summary of:
    Users can stay with the last existing SlySoft AnyDVD and continue to use it with their SlySoft license. They do not have to pay again to use the program after April 30. (Which was Wallcloud's issue.) If they decide to relicense it with the RedFox team to receive future updates, existing license holders will get a (whatever the form: ultimately financial) compensation - which, very roughly, amounts to the same thing. SlySoft license owners will receive a better offer than new buyers of the program. (It might be cheaper for Wallcloud to relicense AnyDVD than buy the program in 2 years at the full price.)

    By the way, it was your interview from March 21 which mentions the "discount or some form of compensation" ("[Ivan] Yes, there will be a compensation of some sort"). My post didn't really speak of a discount. But thanks for all your various forum posts, it's quite difficult to inform and leave the future open enough along the way.
  9. mike20021969

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    Hold on a sec... it could very well be a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates delivered directly to a users home :ROFLMAO:
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  10. steven-hhx

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    Ask your local taxman: Flowers and chocolate are still "ultimately financial", at least in my country (they are worth money). But what about Christmas greeting cards from the RedFox team? For lifetime, of course...
  11. James R. Brock

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    I have a Lifetime Forever License on SlySoft. Will it be carried over to RedFox since RedFox acquired SlySoft?
  12. mike20021969

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  13. MK-Slinky

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    Thank you for your response or should I say lack of? Whilst I understand that as self appointed spokesperson for RedFox you might understand what is going on some of us still don't! Many of us who are now finding out about these changes for the first time have no interest in the nuts & bolts of how this company works, we just want to use the product we paid for. Your questions and answers post might make sense to you but spare a thought for those of us who don't understand all the technical waffle. In the paragraph that I posted above you clearly stated that "...the released version is NOT a RedFox Anydvd HD release that requires a new RedFox license!"

    If you read my questions properly you will note that upon arrival at this site I updated my Slysoft AnyDVD to the Redfox release therefore according to your bold paragraph above my version is now the RedFox version which requires a new RedFox licence. Can you now see how your Q&A's might be confusing people?

    According to one answer posted by you RedFox state they will ensure the smooth transition for Slysoft customers to RedFox, will they be emailing us the precise details of what is happening nearer the time? I understand that compensation for AnyDVD LTL customers might be on the cards but what does that mean exactly.?

    All I wanted was some simple answers, I hope that's not too much trouble for you?
  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    First 'lack of', i don't live on the forums, nor do i work for redfox. I'm not on here 24/7. You seem to imply that I owe you a mandatory answer. Now, that bold part should be pretty self explanatory as well as the download page. The download page itself clearly states that current versions are intermediate releases that work with slysoft licenses. Which is the first part of that line. To this date there is no RedFox anydvd HD yet. When there is the download page and the changelog will clearly state that. I don't see what's so confusing about that.

    When the first RedFox release is a fact and purchase possible every existing license holder will be emailed yes. If you read the follow-up question you'll note that compensation isn't limited to LTL. And what it will be, well that's answered already too. In their own words 'the details aren't ironed out yet'. No point in asking me, I don't know and they don't know yet either.

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  15. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    To make it simple:

    The product & company you paid for no longer exists. The current new product from the new company (or what ever this redfox group is) currently works with the license you have from the old company, because we are nice people.
    The other questions can't be answered, because we don't know yet.
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  16. blaster27

    blaster27 Well-Known Member

    i didnt see all the confusion. i actually figured that out day one, although 'm guessing that everything is in order as of now. glad you sorted this all out
  17. MK-Slinky

    MK-Slinky Well-Known Member

    @James ,

    Thank you, yes that does make it much more simple and yes I've always thought you're nice people, it's the reason why I've stayed a loyal customer all these years :)

    @Ch3vr0n ,

    No I didn't imagine you live on these forums but since you chose to act as advisory on these new changes it suggests that you were more clued up than the rest of us, sorry if I got that wrong. No you don't owe me any answers but seeing as I asked you a polite question in the first instance I had hoped you might assist me with a reply instead of directing me back to the page which confused me. Isn't that why these forums exist.., to help one another?

    Anyway enough said, I'll leave it there...., hopefully things will become clearer in the near future.
  18. wyliec2

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    THANK YOU - this is exactly the same question I have been trying to find an answer to!!!! And it seems nearly answered, albeit with a few more posts to get there…

    I've been using AnyDVD HD for several years and recently renewed with the lifetime option - and the impossibility of finding the simple answer to this question is irritating and exacerbated by the frequent references to the very long and oblique thread that IMHO is relatively useless. Most people here have an existing and active AnyDVD HD license - I'm not complaining about the financial situation presuming some accommodation to recently purchased licenses and a reasonable ongoing subscription model - that is software support reality.

    I don't have time to root around through double-talk. I realize developers may not be much on communications but this isn't rocket science either. I have several SlySoft products and questions - to keep it simple I'll only ask AnyDVD HD questions:

    I am on AnyDVD HD right now:

    - What happens on 5/1/2016 if I leave that in place?

    --Will it stop working immediately? Will BD's stop working? Will DVD's stop working? Will it continue to work as long as a BD doesn't require access the OPD database?

    One simple, complete answer listed in a 'AnyDVD HD - RedFox FAQ' would satisfy.

    If I upgrade to AnyDVD HD and do not purchase/upgrade further:

    - What happens on 5/1/2016 - I'm thinking access to the OPD is no longer available - and that means that any BD+ disc will not be handled - even if it is a relatively old BD. Unless I have previously ripped the BD and the information is cached locally? If it is not a BD+ disc, old or new, it will still work??

    Similar to Wallcloud, my initial intent would be to continue ripping older BDs and subscribe to RedFox within a few months - this seems dependent on the BD protection method BD+; I think I read Java somewhere to - I'm not going to waste my time looking for it; this too should be in a simple FAQ.

    If I don't purchase the RedFox license by 4/30/2016, will this impact whatever accommodation is being determined for existing SlySoft licensees?? Of course this presumes the pricing and accommodation has been determined by then.

    Again, just tell us all the facts regarding functionality so we can make informed decisions about if and when I’ll purchase a RedFox subscription. Tell us when you expect pricing and license accommodations.

    Personally I’d like to keep ripping DVD’s without buying a new subscription until there is a comfort level this new organization will succeed – I purchased my lifetime license in September 2015 so less than a year’s use. I don’t mind buying into a new model, I just don’t want to buy a year’s subscription and then have RedFox fold in a couple of months!!

    Sorry if that’s harsh, but the level of confusion and lack of clarity going on here is somewhat disturbing. Please put up a simple FAQ so others don’t have to sort through the BS that Wallcloud and I have!!!
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  19. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Your question is already answered in the sticky. You're thinking wrong. Question 3.

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  20. segaman40

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    I think we all got a shock, so to speak, when we saw the news about Slysoft, but the upshot is pretty simple. I have had a Slysoft licence for many years for 4 products and I bought their lifetime update options at the outset. Now granted because I've had about 10 years or so, I have had my monies worth, but for those who have recently paid for licences, they're the ones who'll lose out. Slysoft has progressed well, for whatever reason, maybe legal, they are now no more. Perhaps a certain amount of, shall we say, already completed work, means that the existing licence holders will continue to benefit for the time being, but that is limited and we have been told when that will happen.

    Maybe another consideration is, although Redfox has picked up the baton as it where, its worth considering how matters will pen out, if the issues with Slysoft are legal, those pressures are very likely to be applied to anyone carrying on what in essence, Slysoft were prevented from doing. So, you pay your money and take your choice, nothing is for certain and yes new licences will be provided at whatever cost, but their lifetime period is not guaranteed