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    I'm new here and fairly new to ripping backups for my HTPC.

    First, I'm appreciative that someone took the ball on this software because I truly just want to put DVD's and BD I've bought into a format that's easy to watch.

    I got a two year license from Slysoft back in August for AnyDVD HD. I was running up until a few minutes ago when I installed I have mostly DVDs and BD that have been out a while and have not run into any problems yet. No new stuff on the horizon for me. I've got a pile of stuff to chew through, but most of it's been collecting dust - not brand new.

    Now, I may be misunderstanding the message I ran into which prompted me to install I read through some other threads, and a pretty long one, and people were discussing the OPD. The more I read, the more confused I was getting, but obviously, I don't understand something.

    EDIT: If someone is wondering why I had - I tend to lag on updates if they aren't security related to let others work through the bugs. :p (and, I haven't ripped in about a month)

    So, please explain to me, what that OPD is, how it works, and what happens if I go back to vs. staying at

    I do get that if there are new protections added to newer discs, I wouldn't get those updates staying with But the message made it sound like I wouldn't have them for after April 30th either. I could be misunderstanding. I'm wondering if I'll be getting any updates after April 30th given it is now RedFox, without re-subscribing, newly, through them. I'm inclined to keep using the software until I run into discs that need a later update, then re-subscribe, if need be.

    What's the best strategy if I'm willing to set aside any discs that might have protections which can't be passed?
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    Thanks, but that's the long thread I was referring that left me more confused. What I'm saying is there is obviously something I do not understand about how all of this works. If you understand what is behind all that AnyDVD HD does, then it may make sense to you, but I don't, so it doesn't. I need the "for dummies" version.

    Perhaps it would be simple to just ask this question: Now that I have installed as a subscriber with a two-year license from SlySoft that began this past August, will I continue to get updates after April 30th?
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    Most answers are in the first post. As far as the updates goes it's in there. Question 3.

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    Sorry, again. But what is obvious to you is not obvious to me. Look at all of the discussion in that thread as people still look for clarification.

    After all this, and after reading that post about 5 times, and reading through many comments, I am still not clear on whether by upgrading to, I'm worse off than staying at 7.6.8 for my situation.
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    Well the note next to the version on the download page is pretty clear too. As long as your slysoft license is still valid any version they release during that time will work until they release one that will specifically require a RedFox license.

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    Since you keep referring me back to that thread and you referenced point three which reads:

    Slysoft licenses are able to use up to version with the OPD being available for access until April 30th , 2016. What happens on May 1st ? Will that OPD be pulled offline? What sort of impact may users expect?
    [James] The OPD will not be pulled offline. Old AnyDVD versions might die a slow death. But we will offer a smooth transistion for SlySoft customers to RedFox.
    What that doesn't tell me, and I don't see it answered anywhere else in that post, is what happens to me now that I have updated to I'm *past* (and this question is for those "up to version".) Will I get updates from RedFox now that I have installed that version being a [now former] slysoft 2-year license holder? That is what I'm really looking to understand.
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    As long as a user has a valid non-expired license I see zero reason to not be running the latest version of AnyDVD. When the software is updated there are fixes, improvements, etc. When you have the ability to update then why not? You aren't losing functionality and it will handle more discs and in same cases better. In short, you gain nothing by staying with It's outdated, contains bugs fixed in later versions, and has zero access to the Online Protection Database.

    It's completely up to you on whether to update or not but I think it's insane to not update from a user standpoint.

    NOTE: I expect it to be very clearly labeled when the update comes that older Slysoft licenses are no longer accepted.
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    At the time that was the latest release. has access to the OPD. Tomorrow we could see released. And another after that. That's purely hypothetical and I'm not saying we will but they are releasing updates as issues are being resolved. I expect that all releases up until April 30, 2016 will. I can't say that for sure but I would expect that to be the case. I expect that the cut off will begin with the first full RedFox AnyDVD release that uses newer RedFox licenses.
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    But, is that OPD available to me, as a two year subscriber who just signed up in August 2015, now that I have downloaded and installed I think I might be misunderstanding the original message that prompted me to install it.

    If someone can say, with certainty, that I will continue to get updates now that I'm running, until my license expires in August 2017, then I'm done being confused. But I keep getting links back to a post that isn't making it that clear to me.
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    Again if you have a valid non-expired license then you have full access to use of the software - and forward unless the release notes state otherwise which I am not expecting - up until April 30, 2016 at which time the OPD will no longer be accessible without obtaining a RedFox license. Releases after that date will require a RedFox license. You can't just keep using the old license. Details on cost, etc, have not been officially annouced although in Ch3vr0n's thread there was a ballpark mentioned for new subscriptions. That said, no clarification or numbers on pre-existing lifetime licenses switching over, the transition process, etc. We have to wait for an official announcement and clartification from RedFox.

    That is all the answer I can provide.
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    EDIT: Okay, reading it about the 8th time, there is this from that long post linked in the second comment in this thread:

    In regards to question 5, will RedFox offer some form of compensation for users with a fixed slysoft license duration, if they want to renew and use a version beyond AnyDVD
    [Ivan] Yes, depending on how long their license is still valid.​

    My SlySoft license was good until August 2017 (2 year license started in August 2015). That sounds like, if you want any updates after, you'll need to buy a new license, but perhaps one that will be discounted, depending on how long you had left on SlySoft (in my case just over 1.5 years). But, I can't be sure I'm understanding that right.
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    I think I get it. If I have it will continue to work on my pile of videos, most of which are not new releases, even after April 30, 2016, but I will not be able to get any new updates for new protections?

    Is that it?

    When I run into a wall and can't get a disk I want to work, the most obvious thing is to do an update. But, after April 30, it will require a new license through Red Fox. I hope I'm understanding that.
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    I think I see what's happening now after this, and some other discussions.

    I have updated to
  15. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Any movie release that does not require access to the OPD for protection removal will continue to work with - or whatever the final version number ends up being - before the switch over and the cut off date of April 30, 2016. You can still run AnyDVD or any older version for that matter and as long as your subscription is still valid - including lifetime - then the software will still run and decrypt what it is able to. But, with the loss of access to the OPD then there will be an increasing number of discs that cannot be decrypted and bug fixes, security fixes, optimizations, etc, won't be accessible.

    Yes, after April 30th, 2016 a new license will be required in order to update. When such time comes I expect the release to clearly note this in the release notes.
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    Ok, I get it now. I think it's clear now. With the kind of older movies I have, I may be able to hold on to this version for some time before renewing my subscription under the new Red Fox, even if only for another 6-8 months, at which time I'd be ok getting a new subscription.
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    At the time that thread was posted, was available.

    Although I'm surprised Point 3 hasn't been edited so that it now refers to to avoid this sort of confusion (then edited accordingly again if/when a new version that will work with a SlySoft license is released).
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    @mike20021969 Fixed :) and made a special note in RED in regards to the current version confusion as well :)
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    Another forum post clarifying what the OPD is used for is:
    The first time you insert a BD+ protected BD, AnyDVD queries the database and then caches the data it needs locally. You can check if it accesses the ODP in the status windows: It prints "Using online database" when it queries the ODP and "Using local database" when it uses the local cache.