StarTrek:TNG BD, a/v sync issue with MKV.

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    This is my first TV show on BD, so was wanting to use the MKV part of CloneBD to write individual episodes to HDD.

    Disk 1 has 3 x epsiodes. Two of them (E1,E2) seem in sync (a quick watch) and E3 (45:30 length) is out of sync badly.

    The MKV file of E3 shows a length of 1 sec longer than the BD length of 45:30. The other two episodes showed the correct length (in win 10 explorer)

    Please Note: working on Disk 2 with 5 episodes, the resultant MKV files show TWO with 1 sec longer lengths then the BD - but they seem to be insync?? Not sure if this means anything??

    I have ripped E3 using all of the audio modes (AC3, DTS, AAC etc), but the only one that seems to be insync is the one using the lossless format. This adds at least 2Gb to each file size, which is too much!

    I ripped using software decode only (HW encoding) and still out of sync.

    They only way I could get an insync E3 was to trim the front of the file with the trimmer (hence losing the first part of the epsiode)

    I have read a post about a small clip at the front, but there doesn't seem to be anything but the episode.

    I have had CBD more than a year. When I first got it and used it, I tried to convert my BD movies to MKV but they all were out of sync, so I used another tool for create MKV. Unfortunately, creating individual epsiodes using the method I've used with my movies is just far to time extensive.

    I need some help.

    1 (log) is writing from BD to HDD using CBD and MKV format creating all 3 epsiodes in one instance.
    2 (log) is writing from a HDD based BD folder of Disk 1 to CBD via MKV and only to E3.

    PS - Why can't I read the log??

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    Gentle Bump...
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    @Reto, @Fabian ,

    The issue can be reproduced on my side with same disc.
    Same Disc Hash so it should be all the same source material.

    Log attached.

    You can open the *.cbdlog with any program that can open *.zip files.

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    Run the MKV through toolNix (a free program) and you can adjust the audio delay. You will then have an MKV file that is in sync.
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    Thanks for the info and knowing you can reproduce this problem makes me feel like I"m not such a complete noob.
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    Actually, I've always used MKVtoolnix as my MKV creator because CBD has been so poor at giving in-sync output for MKV.

    I figured after a year that perhaps it would have been fixed. Doesn't seem like that is the case. But...its too much work on a tv show to rip to BD folder, then convert to MKV. Perhaps you can convert to MKV directly from the disk, but finding the playlist is a pain and I like to cut off the credits which take up way to much space on a NAS .Don't know how to do this with MKVtoolnix. Appreciate the help.
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    I think they have tried to keep CloneBD as simple as possible, that can of course be a problem, perhaps there should be an advanced mode button.

    I would use CloneBD to produce the MKV and then if you have any sync issue, run it through ToolNix . It wont re encode, it will just remux and alter the audio delay +/-, so zero change in quality. You can of course also use ToolNix to select a default audio etc after producing the MKV from CloneBD.
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    I have a look at this.

    This is one of our test disks so there shouldn't be an issue. Nonetheless, I take a closer look.
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    @ Electron003 RE: I've always used MKVtoolnix, and I like to cut off the credits. Don't know how to do this with MKVtoolnix.

    You just use MKVMerge and on the "Global" tab you can trim the file using the time and how many pieces.
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    I appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Thanks. I'll have to have a look at this.