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    I have been trying to backup my DVD of Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith. I have used several different methods: AnyDVD & CloneDVD; DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink; and other combinations. I am cloning the entire DVD to HP DVD+R 2.4x DL discs. Everytime it completes without error, but when I play the dvd, problems exist. The most common problem is when going to the next chapter, it will skip over some of the movie. Other times it will stop and no longer play. I have gone thru 4 dvd's so far without a good copy.

    Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this? I have not had any trouble with other movies so far.


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    Hi gkuep1945. Try using Verbatim +DL. And burn with ImgBurn. Verbatim is pretty much the only brand you can trust when it comes to the DL format.
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    I'd suggest trying it again with some good media, as well. Verbatim's are the only decent DL option around. EPIII shouldn't pose any real problem to backup... I backed it up a while ago (and I believe I was just using DVDShrink at the time) and it works perfectly
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    I can assure you that the problem is with your disk or equipment. I've done RotS a couple time with *JUST* DVDShrink... no problems. AnyDVD is not needed for that title.

    For elimination try ripping it to your drive with Shrink (uncompressed) to a ROTS folder and then doing the redux of the main movie to ROTS_R folder. Play the DVD on your computer from the redux folder... if all is well... then burn it from the folder... try to play the DVD on a stand alone player... if it plays on the PC but not the hard copy... it's prolly the burning hardware, most likely the Duel Layer disks. I'd just shrink and back up the main movie to a DVD5 if I were you. Most bonus material is a "watch once" kind of thing. If Shrink is set to Extra Sharp with all the long stuff turned on - that movie compresses perfectly. I've done it... it fact it was a test subject.

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    I had no problems with any star wars

    In fact very few movies have had problems
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    I would also suggest the Verbatim media. If I remember correctly, the Star Wars series caused some copying problems when they were first released on DVD but those problems shouldn't be a factor now.
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    For 1:1 copys using either single layer Verbatim or TY`s or using Verbatim +R DL media CloneCd is the best I have used for exact copys. It`s quick and easy to use.