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Star Trek - TOS 55th Anniversary Steelbook Set


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Feb 20, 2014
Blue Ray 55th Anniversary Steelbox set.

All other discs ripped fine but s01d02 and s02d02.

The others will rip after one of these fails. The drive is clean or other discs would be affected (cleaned it anyway). The discs are pristine (but cleaned them anyway).

Win10, AnyDVD HD,.


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Sometimes discs are just poor quality. Any time I have ripped whole multi-disc series it's just about unusual if I have zero failures.
So you get an sector error while ripping?
If so, you can try it with MakeMKV or CloneBD and co. Because if you only select some languages and streams, you might circumvent this sector.
Of course this does not help to retrieve the .iso, but you can at least get the episodes.
Like I said. Cleaned both the disc and the drive.

Heck on really poorly handled discs, I even use this: https://www.jfjeasypro.com/shopnew/product/easy-pro

These 2 discs are consistently failing regardless of if it's from my box set or from rented blue rays that I tried after-the-first-fail. THAT seems an encryption issue.