Star Trek The Original Series, S1 Disc 4 - will not read

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  1. Neil Wilkes

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    Why oh Why can I not back this title up?
    It plays on all 3 of my set top players, yet when I try to back it up (AnyDVD HD & Clone BD) II get persistent Sector Errors - why? What am I doing wrong please, or is there some new form of protection on this disc not looked at?
    I have tried 2 different ROM drives, both fail completely. Yet the disc plays on a player.
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  3. Neil Wilkes

    Neil Wilkes Member

    I have read this, and have tried copying to HDD as well - this is with AnyDVD HD (latest version) and all it does is fails, even when trying to copy and keep the protection.
    Barcode Number for the Box Set is 5051368223537.
    Screenshot of errors attached, also AnyDVD HD log file.

    Yet still the thing plays properly. It is just IMPOSSIBLE to rip it with the AnyDVD HD / CloneBD combo, and just as impossible with AnyDVD HD.
    All I get are read errors. Very, very frustrating - and I author these things for a living, so understand how they work. Factory replication is usually at the cheapest place possible, and factory QC is generally atrocious.

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  4. hart2hart

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    This is not exactly what you’re asking but...

    I rip all movies with AnyDVD but rip tv series with MakeMKV with AnyDVD disabled. It lets me do a single rip session and get an individual file per episode. There were cases nearly on that your error occurred and using makemkv would read it. I’m assuming you could rip to full iso if that’s your use case. It became clear to me that some times the bad sectors were in special features that I never watch so this method misssed them.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    From the logfile;

    Tryt undoing that setting and try again. That said, PLAYING the disc isn't the same as RIPPING ONE. The bad sectors can be in area's of a disc you don't accesss (menus, artwork)... which your player can skip. Anydvd can't skip those and needs to rip every single sector. If it can't read one of the sectors you're not accessing, the ripping fails
  6. James

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    Your disc and / or drive is dirty and / or defective. Sorry.
  7. Neil Wilkes

    Neil Wilkes Member

    Well, if the disc is defective then why does it play in both of my Oppos (BDP-83SE and BDP-105)?
    Also, why - if it is a defective disc - can a friend of mine successfully rip with MakeMKV where he cannot get a clean rip with AnyDVD HD/CloneBD combo?
    If the read errors are ignored by player error correction, does this not perhaps imply the error correction on AnyDVD HD/CloneBD are perhaps not as good?
    I do not know - but I do know I am honestly fed up with being told it is my fault, even though the discs actually play in a set top machine.
    Sorry if I sound bitter, but I am about to buy MakeMKV and rerip the dodgy discs, and I will post my results back & then we will see. I am quite prepared to stand corrected, but....
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Because playing isn't the same as ripping. Players can skip bad sectors (resulting in video skipping) or the areas can be in artwork or images you don't access during playback. In that case you wouldn't notice the bad sectors.

    Anydvd however can't do that, it rips either everything or nothing. CloneBD only processes ripped content. If the rip had bad sectors it will warn you if it detects them during the analyzing phase, if it doesn't detect them itself, and the rip had bad areas, they'll be in the CloneBD output too.

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  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    MakeMKV certainly does not rip to iso. You can try to rip to folder with AnyDVD. You can skip unneeded parts in CloneBD, too.
  10. SamuriHL

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    If you want a fair comparison with makemkv the use the backup option to rip the entire disc to folder. I very much doubt you're going to see better results by doing that. What you should do is microfiber clean the disc and try again. I don't care if it "looks" clean or even if it "came directly out of the package". Do it anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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  11. hoxlund

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    The problem is going to be with your disc scratched or drive laser as I have the exact same UPC box set and mine ripped every disc no issues.