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    thank you and sorry for the caps
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    More help needed with playlist. Thanks

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    Some more help with a playlist, Thanks

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    @Pete ,

    Looks like there's yet another variation of this disc...


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    And yet another.... thanks in Advance Pete...

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    Playlist obfuscation here as well.
    I'm gathering the 3 previous posts today are the same - but just in case... here's my logfile.

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    They're not, different versions and yours is yet another different version

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    Looks like obriens2's is the same logfile I posted in message #9.

    Logfile name is the same -- except his was mounted in a G drive so "G" precedes the movie name and mine was in an E drive.

    But the numbers are an exact match.

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    Those 2 yes, but the other log below it is a different one.

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    The distinct logfiles are in messages #1, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

    Isn't that a lot for one movie?

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    Not by a long shot. Think @Pete once said there was a title not too long ago with over a dozen variants. Think about it. There's 3 bd regions, if each region has as little as 3 variants you're already looking at 9 different versions. If each region has 4, that's a dozen...

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    This one
    ...which is the same as this one
    ...and this one, (which is different)
    Are fixed.
    Though this one:
    ...does not appear to have any Screen Pass on it - I also don't see anything confusing regarding the playlists, there are only two candidates (803, 804).
    I'll call it JAD (Just A Disc).
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    Big thumbs up over here Pete.

    Working with the movie in CloneBD and it is now showing just one Main Feature @ 1:56:56.

    Thanks again, man.

    Well when you put it like that it does seem more plausible that there are 4 or 5 version (so far) for Spy.

    But geez, they would go through the trouble of making 3 or 4 per region?


  19. Pete

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    Region A might seem, at first, like it doesn't require many different versions. "Hey, we're all Americans, a region A disc comes with English, Spanish and French, so we're all happy".
    Unfortunately, the world expands beyond the borders of the US - it just looks like the ocean is the end of the world ;)
    Notice, how Japan, Hong-Kong, etc..., who are also region A, are sort of being left out?

    I'll not mention regions B and C, the same holds there, but region A alone comes in more languages, than you'd want to cram on a single disc.
    Then there's often the typical basic retail version, the extended version ("you liked that movie? Come buy again, you'll get an additional 3 minutes for another 25$"), the rental version (often without bonus material), the steel book version, ... you get the general direction of this....

    And sometimes (rather often, actually), there's a re-release after a while (I don't know, the shit is maybe low on stock and still selling like crazy), which means the same pre-master of the disc gets put into pressing again, but for technical or whatever reason gets an updated protection (AACS and/or Screen Pass).
    So there you'll get a whole new set of new versions.

    So, in short: 3 or 4 per region is not really as high as it gets...
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    I hate to admit it but I thought Blu-Ray regions were within one continent. Looking it up now...

    So I didn't know Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are in Region A. And B lumps together Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia among others.

    Makes sense there would be many versions per region then.

    Then there's the variations of retail, steelbook, extended, etc.?

    I guess that could make dealing with Screen Pass a full-time job in and of itself :=).

    Seems a bit overwhelming.

    Congrats to you all for handling it so well.

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