Splitting a 4 Hour DVD backup into 2 DVD's?

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    I am new to this forum and hope I am doing it correctly.

    When making a backup of a DVD that was (4) hours long using CloneDVD2 the resulting single DVD backup showed signs of pixelation due to the compression.

    Since my original DVD had (4) chapters plus previews, I unchecked the previews and chapters 3 and 4 for the first backup DVD. On the second backup, chapters 1 and 2 were unchecked with chapters 3 and 4 checked. The resulting two DVD's were as good as the original disk.

    Has there been a procedure in the forums on the correct procedure if possible to split a DVD into two DVD's for better quality using less compression than what I have described?

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    If you split a movie over two discs, there should be no compression at all. Ensure the quality bar is at 100% after you're finished cutting. Just take the end marker and move it to the left until the quality bar shows 100%. For the second disc move the beginning marker to the right, until it's at the position where you should begin.

    You can split wherever you want--just make sure the quality bar is showing 100%. There is no "correct procedure".
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    Thanks a million! Understand now after reading your thread.
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    Try the manual at Elby, the developer's of CloneDVD. On this page: http://www.elby.ch/products/clone_dvd/manual/usage.html
    Aprox. 1/3 the way down you will see directions for Splitting. Good luck.

    With a click with the right mouse bottom in the title selection you open the following context menu:

    * “Select all”: This function selects all of the titles
    * “Invert all”: This function inverts your title selection
    * “Invert for split”: This function is only activated if you keep the menu. With this option you can invert your chapter and title selection. This is very important if you like to split one DVD over two DVD media!
    * “Information”: Opens the context help

    # Sorting order: By default, the titles are ordered by playback time. You can change the sorting criteria to title number or chapter count. Simply click on the corresponding column description
    # Chapter cutting: You have the possibility to cut off unwanted chapters or to split one movie in two parts. Click on the scissors to open the control element for cutting off unwanted chapters. Another bar appears below the play bar. The small points symbolize the chapters, the space shows the approximate length of each chapter. You can move the blue triangles to cut off unwanted chapters. Either you click on the orange bar to move the blue triangles step by step or you directly drag it to the chapter where you like to have it. The Play Slider above automatically moves to the position of the triangles so that you can watch the first movie scenes from each chapter. The green writing in the preview window shows you the chosen chapter and its play time. On the right hand side, in the title selection, you can see the chapter selection with each title
    # Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts while selecting for example the chapters 1-9 for the first DVD media. Select now further titles like “Special Features” and start the copying process for the first DVD media. When the copying process has finished, please click on the “Back” button until you reach the window with the title selection. Please click with the right mouse button into the title selection dialogue: You can invert your selection for the first DVD media, like in this example, it means that the chapters 10-16 of the main movie and the rest of the titles will be automatically selected

    HINT: If you want to split a multi-angle movie, please cut off the same chapters for each camera angle. You can easily recognize titles with different camera angles, as they all have the same playing time!
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    Appreciate the help

    Thanks Ricoman for the heads up!
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    I agree that this method will produce good results, however, I believe that watching the overall time of the backup, and cutting it as close to the middle as possible, would produce a set of disks, of better quality. (rather than having the first burnt to near capacity, and perhaps only 2 gb on the second)