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  1. WilsonFlyer

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    I would like to take a DL DVD (original movie I own) and write it (WITHOUT compression and at 100% quality) to 2 SL DVD-R's automatically. Fill 1st one up, ask for the second. Play the copy till the 1st one ends and insert the second.

    Is there an automated way to do this? If not, it sure would be a great feature to add and I wouldn't think it would be that hard. I'm surprised this isn't a more asked for feature.

  2. rn73

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    Movie only split

    I have only used the function of splitting movie over 2 DVD 5 discs with the movie only so far. Won't give you a signal to switch discs but the fact that the first disc ends should tell you to do so.

    Use the help funtion on CloneDVD2 and see the explanation. Looking at help topics you should be able to copy the DVD over 2 single layer DVD 5 discs with all the functions including preveiews (YUCK) etc. It appears also will spit menus. Play with it and try it out.

    So far have only split a few movies for quality sake when compression was below 60%. In reality don't see a lot of quality loss with most backups without splitting even on a friend's 50 plus HD TV.

    Would use DL discs if the cost wasn't prohibitive. If get a few coasters with DVD 5 discs no big deal at about 28 cents (US) each. A few DL disc coasters at today's prices and I'd be tearing my hair out.

    Best of luck! :D
  3. WilsonFlyer

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    Thanks. I'll look into what you suggested.

    Compression is VERY evident on a 120" projection screen @ 720p with a Pany AX100. My theater DVD player plays DL+R but there are players in my home that won't and I can't seem to find many places that have DL-R. Go figure.

    Guess it's time to upgrade some of my other consumer decks. LOL

    Thanks for the help. :)
  4. WilsonFlyer

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    I must be really stupid. I can't find anything in the online help even remotely resembling what I'm trying to do. Could you send a guy a link?

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  6. rn73

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    How I do it

    I took a look again at HELP function and it appears instructions do not elaborate how to split DVD over 2 DVD 5 discs. I just figured out on my own how to split movie only and will try to explain how I do it.

    1. Determine how many chapters there are on the DVD.
    2. Select Copy DVD Titles.
    3. Select DVD to copy.
    4. Select DVD-5 quality.
    5. Click on the scissors below the preview.
    6. Move the slide bar on the LEFT to the point where you wish to end first DVD. The one I use as an example had 24 chapters and I chose 1-12 for first disc and deleted 13-24.
    7. Skip over Audio and Subtitle Settings and click “Next”.
    8. Go to Output Method. I chose to create .ISO to burn from later. You will need to create a place where you store your .ISO files. Chose this folder using browse where it asks to “Enter the name of the ISO/UDF image file to be created”. Name the File for example “F:/DVD ISO Burn/ MY_OWN_MOVIE_D1.ISO. Next name the Volume label unless it does it for you.
    9. Click Go and then let it do its thing.
    10. Once completed you will have ISO. To burn first part of movie without compression.
    11. Next go back to the beginning and steps 2 to 5 above.
    12. Move the slide bar on the RIGHT to the point where you wish to start the second DVD. The one I use as an example had 24 chapters and I chose 13-24 for second disc and deleted 1-12.
    13. Next follow instructions 7-9 and should have 2 .ISO files MY_OWN_MOVIE_D1.ISO and MY_OWN_MOVIE_D2.ISO.
    14. Use whatever burning engine you like to burn each DVD. I like ImgBurn. Can use Clone DVD2 and chose Write Existing Data, Output Method DVD Write.

    Hope this helps. There are probably those out there that can tell how to burn on 2 DVD 5 discs with all the menus etc. Possibly a guide on some other Forum.
  7. 2comps

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    m73 wrote"There are probably those out there that can tell how to burn on 2 DVD 5 discs with all the menus etc. Possibly a guide on some other Forum."

    The menu option is right there in Clone DVD under the section which drive you are copying from.
    Tick that, then when you write your split discs you will have full menus (and chapters) on both discs (if there were menus on the disc to start with). Bit of a humbug, but then if you want to get to a specific section you can. I find without ticking menus that there are also no chapters/scenes to skip through so if you don't have fast scan on your player you are sunk. Only option there is to split the disc in Clone DVD to hard drive, then use Nero7 - haven't tried it with an .iso but you can go into options menu and set it to make automatic chapters with other video.
  8. WilsonFlyer

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    Am I alone in thinking this is a feature that needs to be greatly simplified and added as a feature to the product? Seems logical to me. to be honest, I can't believe it's not a primary fcn on the first screen like the other three.

    I'll have to play with the suggestion above though logically, they really don't make much sense to me. At the burn screen, all the compression has already been assumed to compress the original to one DVD. does it just magically know, "Hey. I guess he's decided to use two. I guess I won't have to compress anything after all!" That seems a bit smoke and mirrors to me.

    Not ungrateful for the help guys. Just a little confused as to something that seems so obviously a necessary fcn in a product like this would be so obscure to accomplish.
  9. James

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    You are right, but the current manual splitting offers you unlimited flexibility. You can:
    1.) Put the movie on one disc (without menus) on one disc, the extras (with menus) on the second.
    2.) as 1.) but with menus
    3.) Split the movie 2/3, put extras on second disc
    4.) as 3.), but menus only on second disc
    5.) Split movie 1/3, put extras & menus on first disc, 2/3 of movie on second disc.
    6.) Do whatever you want...

    It is hard for the program to guess what you want. What of the above methods should an "auto split" function do?
  10. Whisperer

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    And as I think you have previously said, CloneDVD would need a new "Split Mode" interface in order to do automatic splitting or "advanced feature" splitting. Just "advanced feature" would be good enough for me. I don't have to have automatic. But a readout in x.xxGB data size would help me alot more than a movie "elapsed-time" readout as far as manually choosing how much can fit on a 4.33GB capacity split disk.

    Also (as far as automation), although it is understood that when burning DL, CloneDVD, being a transcoder (by design), chooses a layer break of it's own placing. But, if you implemented a new Splitting Interface, when splitting a movie onto two disks, could the "unremoved" layer break simply be used as a referrence point for placing all of Layer1 onto split disk#1 and all of layer2 onto split disk#2? Everything to be included on both disks, e.g. menus, tracks etc on both disks? In other words, there would be no juggling to fit data-size amounts onto two split disks ... it would already be predetermined by the data amount already included on the two layers of the original. Or is it not that easy?

    Of course there would have to be a little room at the end of the layer1 disk for my favorite request ... a small looping titleset that reads "Please Insert Disk2":D :bowdown:

    Best regards,
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I would use the quality meter as an indicator for the split point.

    No, because:

  12. ABC

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    No you are not alone, I also believe that a one button or one step or call it what ever you want is necessary also.
  13. rn73

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    More research on splitting

    Did a bit more testing and it appears by just selecting the cut (scissors) can split DVD over 2 discs with everything but may not get 100% more like 90% to 97% on each disc depending on size of original DVD Movie and extras. Even removing some features like warnings and previews will only increase % slightly.

    In reality if you wanted could split movie only over 2 discs and then try special features etc on a third.

    Following the instructions on help function not that clear.

    Hope this helps a little.
  14. Whisperer

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    It is perfectly possible to get 100% quality on both disks and still keep all the extra title sets. You don't have to have "all" the extras on both disks. You only need each extra once on one or the other disk, not both. So you just have to select and de-select and juggle a little.

    Best regards,
  15. WilsonFlyer

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    Yea. What he said! ^^^ LOL