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Splash Screen Issue

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by HAMsmoke, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    This may be nothing, but I seem to remember that when I inserted a Blu-Ray, and opened Clone BD after letting AnyDVD process it, I would see 3 large icons - Open ISO Image, Open folder, and Open Blu-Ray. But starting with and continuing to (64 bit), I no longer see Open Blu-Ray on the splash screen when a disk is inserted.

    If I click on where the box is supposed to be, the box reappears, and the Blu-Ray opens. While odd, it is not a show stopper. I wonder if something got corrupted in the update process - but I would think a lot more would be wrong if that was the case.

    Ideas? I assume no one else sees this?
  2. Reto

    Reto Elaborate Bytes AG

    We haven't heard of this so far, could you please post a screen shot?
    You say it happens starting Can you say for sure, it didn't happen with That was the version for which the underlying UI engine was updated to support 64 bit.
    Since then, no relevant changes were made.
  3. Indy58

    Indy58 Member

    I've had a similar problem with all beta version I've tried after (.2, .4 .6 and .8)
    The drive icon and "Berti" are missing. Clicking on where "Berti" should be or resizing the window always returns everything to it's proper status.
    Like HamSmoke says: Not a "Showstopper" but it is annoying.

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  4. Reto

    Reto Elaborate Bytes AG

    Well, for us it is a show stopper, this means we need to hold back the release version until that is fixed.

    Can you (ideally both, so we can identify common elements) give me some details on your system, so we maybe get a chance to reproduce this?

    • installed graphics card
    • monitor resolution (single-/multimonitor?)
    • scaling factor (i.e. hi dpi setting > 100%)
    • CloneBD 32bit or 64 bit
    • Number of attached disc drives
    • Number of virtual drives
    • Anything else, that is possibly relevant?

    • Also: is CloneBD usually maximized? Not maximized? Does it make a difference? (it will start up the same as it exited the last time)
    • does it make a difference, whether a disc is in the drive or not? (This may affect display timing)
    • does dragging another window over CloneBD and away again make the items reappear?
    • Generally: what actions do make the missing items appear?
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  5. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    Here it works Intel-GPu.
  6. Indy58

    Indy58 Member

    Using a GTX 1070 ti w. 419.35 drivers.
    WQHD @ 100%
    Currently using CloneBD x64
    2x BD drives + 1 virtual drive (UltraISO)


    CloneBD is usually NOT maximized (runs as a window)
    It makes no difference if a disc is inserted or not. Just starting CloneBD and the Icons are missing.
    Dragging a window over CloneBD makes no difference.
    As mentioned above - only clicking on the beaver or resizing the window makes the icons reapear.

    Important new discovery! I tested starting the program maximized and the "bug" does not appear.
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  7. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Can you add the missing 4 points at the end? (I can see, how every small detail is important, because hardly anyone has that problem and it's probably near impossible to fix without being able to reproduce it).
  8. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    Here are 2 screenshots: The abnormal one is when the program starts, and only on a smaller size adjusted screen. If I maximize the program, shut down, and restart it so the program starts maximized, then there is no problem. Note - if I maximize the abnormal screen, everything pops back normal.

    As for the problem being before - I can't say. There is the possibility that I did not use the program when you first jumped up to 64 bit. I just noticed it in and hoped that would fix it; since it did not, I thought I would post. And yes, I am using the 64-bit version. Intel on-board graphics HD620.

    This is on my laptop, and I have 2 USB drives attached, one Blu-Ray, one not. Both LG. Starting with a disk inserted in the Blu-Ray drive made no difference. Changing the focus to another window and returning focus does nothing. Moving the screen in the non-maximized view does nothing. Clicking on the "X" to close the program slowly (holding the mouse button down so as to not close the program yet) does restore the screen to normal.

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  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Interesting. What about "dragging another window over CloneBD and away again" (e.g. an open explorer or browser window)?
  10. Indy58

    Indy58 Member

    Answered above.
    As far as my tests go...
  11. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    James - moving other windows around, on top of, or anywhere does nothing. I can also move the Clone BD window around the screen (left click and hold the top left and drag, for example) and nothing reappears. However, move the Clone BD windows even slightly off screen on either side will now have the Blu-Ray window pop up when you return the full window to the screen.
  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    I was able to reproduce this behavior. I was wondering what happened to it. I figured it was a design change to hide unless a disc was in a drive.

    Upon launch of the GUI, the red "empty" drive icon is missing from the 4 options (4 for last used item). Clicking on the maximize button top right, maximizes the GUI and reveals the 3rd "red button". Demaximizing reduces the main GUI back to the original size, and the red drive icon is still there. Close CloneBD down, restart, and you're back to 2 buttons.

    Running 2 monitors here at default windows scaling @ 1080p.
  13. Indy58

    Indy58 Member

  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Can't that's a private conversation, not a forum topic. Can't access it unless i'm invited to join the conversation.
  15. Indy58

    Indy58 Member

    Then never mind...:oops:
  16. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    Indy58 and I installed beta, 64 bit, and the odd behavior persists - for all those keeping track of this unusual and hard to address issue. How about you, Ch3vr0n?
  17. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Downloaded and installed, just not tested yet.

    ** edit ** think this is fixed. I'll have to do a system relog / reboot to know for sure and that's not going to be any time soon. My system is online 24/7

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