Spin Team... ACTIVATE! Netflix goes BR only

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by hotdog453, Feb 11, 2008.

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    do not understand

    Frankly I do not understand the move of the studios going blu-ray. The development is clearly not in the consumers best interest and it might be deliberate.

    I do not believe the garbage of early adopters also get screwed. HD DVD early adopters will have issues but they are not getting cheated. Blu-Ray winning might kill any chance of an HD DVD format catching on.
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    Ummm I hate to break it to you, but the studios never had the consumers best interest in mind - always the shareholders best interst - and nothing more.

    However eventually BD+ will be utterly worthless. :D

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    True but HD DVD is a better more mature product

    Blu-Ray needs the extra space because of the dinosaur codec they are using. I would go out and buy a Blu Ray player but the current ones on the market will be useless in 2 months maybe
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    Netflix Dropping HDDVD

    Just received this email..

    No doubt, Netflix was an earlier adopter and this is quite a blow to the community. While not suprising or predictable, it does look like HDDVD is dying a quick death. (Note, I'm not trolling, just saying I don't think the fight/struggle is going to last as long as I had hoped.)

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    As did I. That can't be good for HD DVD.
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    Uhhhh, what? You seriously need to clarify that codec comment as they use the same codecs as HD DVD.
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    Indeed it looks bleak
  9. europeman

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    Blu-Ray MPEG4 mostly and HD DVD VC-1. Microsoft developed the codec for HD DVD. If they are the same why is Blu-Ray so much larger for the same movie. Do not say extra I am drawing a comparison from identical releases. If it was the same codec it would be impossible for HD DVD to fit on an HD DVD
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    Most of the dual format releases I've seen are the EXACT SAME video transfer. They contain different audio tracks(the big difference between HD DVD and Blu-ray) but the video tracks are identical on all the ones I've seen that are cross format. The audio they use on Blu-ray is LARGE. LPCM on a lot of discs. That accounts for the size difference in a great many cases. It's not the video that's the issue. Besides, Disney has taken all the freaking space on Blu-ray and added a crapload of "extras" alright...****ing previews up the yang! YEY. Thanks, Disney...I really needed 10 previews on every disc for movies I already own. Awesome. Anyway, the comment about codecs struck me as odd as the video codecs are identical except for the fact that Blu-ray allows for slightly higher bitrates. That can arguably give better quality but most studios releasing in both format(oh, right, uhhhhhh, yeaaaa, about that) were doing identical video transfers.
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    Very strange logic, how is removing half of HD titles going to provide 'best selection' ? Very strange move too, while I can understand BB B&M logic to drop HD DVD due to limited shelf space, I am puzzled by Netflix. Surely HD DVD titles are more popular then quite a few of the 70K something titles they carry, go figure :confused:
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    Technically that's not true, EVERY Blu-Ray player (except the PS3) made before Oct 31st 2007 are ALL obsolete because they're profile 1.0 and can't be upgraded.

    Players after after Oct 31st are profile 1.1 yet ALL of those players will be obsolete later this year when profile 2.0 is released. So yes current players will be obsolete but they'll probably have 6-8 months :D
  13. SamuriHL

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    My honest opinion is that they're trying to squeeze paramount and universal and get them to commit to blu-ray. A lot of sales of their HD movies are to rental places like Netflix. If they refuse to purchase any new HD DVD's it WILL impact sales. Pretty crazy if you ask me. I'm not overly pleased by this decision as I made a decision that I wasn't going to buy anymore HD DVD's but I would certainly rent them until Paramount and Universal woke up and went dual format at least. Now I'm going to have to settle for DVD?? UGH.
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    THEORETICALLY that was only supposed to be on extra features and that all these players were SUPPOSED to play the profile 1.1 titles themselves. Yea, how's that working out?? I'm SO glad I got a PS3 and an HTPC. If I wasn't so addicted to HD at this point I'd tell Blu-ray where to go, but, unfortunately, I truly like the quality. sigh.
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    Or Sony is out with a checkbook again :agree: SD DVDs work very fine for me -- I do have most of my favorite classics in HD, but even on 126" screen SD DVD properly processed with ffdshow look very close to HD from first row @13' in my HT. From second row (17') one can't tell the difference <Flame suit on>.I was shocked with SD DVD 'Lost Season 3' transfer -- I could not believe I was not watching HD :clap:
  16. SamuriHL

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    My son and I can tell the difference, unfortunately. My wife and daughter couldn't care less, but, my son always demands Blu-ray now. (Well, HD DVD, as well, if it's paramount or universal, but, I refuse to buy any more as a sign of protest against this stupid ass prolonged war. HD DVD lost, let's move on) Anyway, I refuse to buy DVD's and I can't rent HD DVD's anymore, or will soon not be able to. Paramount and Universal better wake up to this reality or they will lose me as a paying customer. I can stomach renting DVD's if I have to, but, I sure as hell ain't buying them anymore. So, if they want my business at this point, they're going to have to pony up a Blu-ray release.
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    Tranlation: "Join ME, and we can end this conflict and restore ORDER to the galaxy"
  18. SamuriHL

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    Basically. More along the lines of "resistance is futile" I think. You can't stop Blu at this point. HD DVD has like a 1% chance and that's basically what we call an "act of God"...He comes down, smites ALL blu-ray processing plants, players, and Sony(just because), and then HD DVD might have a slim chance. :) Netflix sees this inevitibility and are cutting their losses with HD DVD now. I'm doing the same. I have a decent selection of HD DVD's, but, why keep buying a seemingly dead end format at this point? I see no point in prolonging this "war" any longer. All it's going to do at this point is delay consumer adoption of ANY HD format. That is NOT what I want.
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    Now that's the kind of God I like!

    Samuri and others, I wonder why you're staying with Netflix, especially after this crap. I was a NF user years ago, before BB online was in business. The movie service was awful. I know there's some fanboyness between BB and NF, but my complaints are very real (and somewhat related to this). Besides the throttling (which BB doesn't do to me, but anyway), they only carried ONE edition of each movie PURPOSELY, so for example, at the time you could only get the regular release of the Lord of the Rings movies, not the extended editions.

    I asked them about this, and they told me it's the way they roll. They knew it, and they didn't want to do a damn thing about it. They also didn't carry the supplemental discs of 2-disc sets. This was one of the main reasons I switched to BB right when they went on business, I mean I didn't particularly like BB, but it did offer any amount of different editions available.

    Just a couple of months ago, because BB had a second price raise in a very short time and I had a kind of irrational impulse to cancel BB (the raise wasn't that bad considering NF's prices), I tried NF again, to see if they've improved any. The answer was not much, if at all, considering how BB has improved in the years since. They still don't carry several editions for many titles, only the more popular ones (like LOTR). I think this move of going only blu-ray is the same kind of crap they pulled before with different editions of movies. They won't care unless they lose a certain amount of customers. I am much more glad I canceled the trial now. I only wish I'd done the trial a few weeks later, so I could cancel just after they made this announcement, and tell them it's because of this crappy behavior.

    Blockbuster carries the same titles, and gives you more options. You can still rent HD-DVDs from them, and I am hopeful they wouldn't announce the death of HD-DVD until it actually died. Other obvious benefits are much better turnaround times (return them at your local BB and the next movie ships - true, it doesn't work like that all the time, but still gives you one day advantage since by mail, two-day turnaround is also not guaranteed), and a number of store exchanges per month (I get my bluray that way).
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    I'm going to seriously resist the temptation I have to respond to all that you've said. DrinkLyeAndDie knows just how much I *HATE* BB with a passion and will NEVER use their service. (I've tried their online service despite the fact that I'll never set foot in one of their B&M stores ever again and I thought it sucked compared to NF). Just know that NOTHING can pursuade me to switch from NF to BB. I've had nothing but good service from NF, and if you know what you're doing you can avoid being throttled(which admittedly, is a downside). Again, I don't want to turn this thread into a ginormous NF vs BB debate but I am without a doubt never going to use BB no matter if they paid me for it. That is how much I hate that company. In fact, if Sony were offering rentals I'd go with them before BB. Yes, they are one of my top 5 most hated companies...ever.