Spiderman 3 5.1 surround sound issues

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by dellov1, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. dellov1

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    Has anyone else had this problem? The Spiderman 3 widescreen DVD i bought says on the box 5.1 dolby digital sound but when i play this on my Sony DVD player and have my surround sound system on its only shows that 3 speakers are working. The backup i have done now also shows the same, so its not true surround sound. Sorry if this post does not belong here...:doh:
  2. jvc

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    My copy is fine.
    Does your receiver automatically detect and go to DD? Try choosing the 5.1 soundtrack in the movies menus.
    Does 5.1 work ok with other movies?
  3. 2comps

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    :confused: Hi, You may have just become aware of a problem that is driving my partner mad. Doesn't seem to matter which sound format chosen (if there are multiple choices I back up with all, as technology will change and we may be able to use the full 5.1 sound which I believe we cannot
    connect into with our current system) The sound is simply not coming out consistetly from the 4 room speakers, and appears to be a programming/coding problem, as our older backups of several months ago
    do not have this problem. We have even compared parts of original and backup discs from same section and the problem is there only in the backup disc. Have just burnt another test backup of 20,000 Leagues 1996 edition from another computer, which has much older versions of Clone and Any DVD.
    but have to wait for partner to sit through it as his hearing is much more
    sensitive to the wafflings between speakers than mine - this will test theory if there is not a burner problem, as I only have the 1 DVD burner in the most up to date computer.
  4. mike20021969

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    dellov1 said the original spiderman discs didn't have 5.1 sound to begin with.

    anyway,jvc might me onto something with selecting the 5.1 sound in the menus.

    dellov1 also didn't say whether this problem was affecting other 5.1 dvd movies he has.
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  5. better

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    I dont have that kind of problem my DVD is working fine and tell you what i have download the DVD from the internet and still works fine, cant say what is wrong with your copy.:disagree:
  6. mike20021969

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    i dont think we need to know that.
    these forums are for people who OWN the original dvd of a particular movie.
  7. Stormlord

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    My original Spiderman 3 Blu Ray doesn't play back 5.1 channel sound either. I'm guessing there is an issue with the 5.1 channel stream. Other discs will play back fine in 5.1 channels on my Sony STR-DB925, but my decoder does not support True HD DD, only regular DD 5.1 and DTS - so my guess is that is where the problem lies. I only get what sounds like some form of lousy compressed sound on PCM dual channel.