Speed of Converting DVDs

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by sanfrancisco, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. sanfrancisco

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    I was one of the first to get Clone DVD Mobile when it came out.

    I could swear that when I used to convert my DVDs with the program that it only took about 40 minutes to convert a movie.

    I had to install a new hard disk and XP OS. Now converting movies takes about two hours.

    Can anyone else tell me how long it takes to convert a two-hour DVD movie?

    I am using:

    "windows smartphone"
    movie only
    no subtitles
    small file size, about 250MB to 350MB
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  2. gube56

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    I can´t say the time to convert the files because it´s depends of computer. My P4 3.06 will take 40 minutes to convert a movie (130-140 minutes) with subtitles (Generic DivX) who is about 1300 MB. But I will think that a small file will take the same time. Have You checkt that your new harddrive use DMA. If not the computer get slow.
  3. sanfrancisco

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    Thanks for the response. I will check on that DMA issue.

    I have a P4 2.3, 1GB ram, so that should be fast enough. But the slow conversion if from a DVD movie, which I assume will be a slower process?
  4. gube56

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    Your computer will be enough. Perhaps one hour should be enoug with your machine. I only get 512 Mb Ram but converting takes most of the CPU. I have another computer with P4 1.7 Gh and then 1 DVD takes more than one and a half hour. One of my friends have 2600 Celeron and that is not fun. About 3 hours works for one movie.
    I hope you will find the problem soon.