Source too large to write?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by houstonsdelsol, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Do not create two separate threads about the exact same issue please.
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    If this is true, then houstonsdelsol, you may simply be out of luck with that burner. Check for an updated firmware for your drive.
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    Provided that you have enough hard drive space, use the DVD Files option in the output method page. This will burn to your hard drive, the movie with the options you have selected. After reviewing them with a pc player, and if you find them satisfactory, you can burn these files to DVD with any number of burning apps. I would suggest using Nero if you have it, as I found it to be compatible with my Aopen, and it supports booktyping.
    And above all use good media. The Verbatim that Webslinger has suggested should be the only choice. Don't try to cut corners with cheap media.

    As for suggesting a different drive, go here and do some research.
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    Sorry to abandon you on this thread. I had some personal problems to resolve the last few days. But it looks like Webslinger stepped in with some good help.

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    Sorry Whisperer, looking back through the thread, I see it was you who first gave the excellent suggestion to use the Verbs.:agree:
  7. Firmware

    If I Burn movies shorter than 2 hrs long that works fine, do i need to upgrade my firmware just to burn movies above 2hrs long, ex. (prestige, departed?)

    I checked to see if i had a upgrade but it looks like it doesn't as far as i know by looking. But what does firmware have to do with burning? Can anyone help me if there is a udgrade for the writer i have?

    Do you think my drive which is DUW1616L has the capabilities to burn over 2hr long movies. I just burn Crank with no problems on s/l disc HP. It seems when i use GQ (GOD AWFUL)DL disc problems arise.

    Im starting to think its my writer and im might invest in the Plextor writer.

    It seems to me that Aopen falsed advertised on there box saying it can burn dual and double layer disc but it can't.
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    I think this belongs in the cd/dvd drive section. But, did you compress the movie to fit a sl disc? We need some more info.
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    If a firmware upgrade exists that improves the writing strategy for your drive on blank media, then yes, it makes sense to upgrade your firmware.

    If your drive is a DUW1616L PRO then there is a firmware upgrade for you here:

    There isn't a firmware upgrade from Aopen for the non-pro DUW1616L


    Then why wouldn't you expect bad things to happen? Use Verbatim + R DL

    Nothing burns junk DL media well. Use Verbatim +R DL blank media. I would also recommend following this guide if you do want to use DL media:
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    It's really the only reason i bought Clonecd was to burn DL discs ;)
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    also good at erasing disc's aswell :cool:
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    It's not the same issue; you're not getting a "source too large" error message; and you're not using DL media.
  14. HEy webslinger. I finally ripped Casino Royale with no probs. So verbatims DVD+r was the problem. Thanks.
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    You mean Verbatim +R DL fixed your problem, right?
  16. right!! :clap:
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    Thank you for posting back and letting us know. :)