Source too large to write?

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  1. I have the lastest CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. I tried To make a back up copy of the Prestige and it wont let me. How Can i get this Solved? Please help.

    P.S. I am really having trouble making copies of movies approx. 130 mins long. Help please.
  2. James

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    Please provide detailed information (AnyDVD status window, error messages, etc.)
  3. bjproc

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    also, what do you have clonedvd's target size set to ?
  4. Ok, Im getting frustrated. ALL I want to do is make a Copy. :confused: :confused: I have plenty of DVD-r DL discs and yes i set it on the dual layer option. And yes I have both the latest CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD What is the problem here?? You guys know?

    I have no problem burning shorter movies. I expected it to work if i have a DL disc. The message Says Source too large. How can it be if i inserted a DL disc after it processed writing it to the hard drive. How can i make this work?????
  5. GQ 8.5 dual layer DVD-r is what i use. Its a DL disc. Why won't it work?? My dvd writer name is AOPEN DUW1616L-31. PLease help. I looked to see if it was my firmare needed updated. but i dunno.
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    Try burning the files to your hard drive with CloneDVD first, then burn to DVD with Nero. ( You should have gotten an OEM disk with the drive)
    I have a DUW 1616, and have never been able to get it compatable with CloneDVD. (not SlySoft's fault, but a problem with Aopen's firmware)
    The drive does work well with Nero, so burning to disk first with Clone should work for you.
  7. Whisperer

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    You have provided very little specific information that is useful in helping you.

    So I can only tell you one thing. Throw those GQ disks in the trash. The "G" in GQ stands for God Awful quality. I'm surprised there has not been a class action suit against Fry's Electronics for foisting that crap on the public!

    I also suggest you don't use -R DL disks. Or any kind of DL disk other than Verbatim who is the only manufacturer who makes quality DL media, as of this date. Go to Best Buy (or wait for a sale) and buy Verbatim +R DL disks. Or get them online. Try or When you burn them, booktype them to the DVD-ROM standard.

  8. bjproc

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    can clonedvd write to -DL disc's?
  9. i dont have a booktype that says dvd-rom. i have a dvd-ram, mini disc, dvd+r/-r dl, dvd-5 and others.

    So whisperer, your saying that i should use Verbatim +R dL disc and set it On Dvd -RAM and it should work???

    Well i Just tried to booktype DVD-RAM instead of DVD +/-R DL and the quality bar went to the RED 49%. :( Kind of defeats the purpose using a DL disc that has to burn a movie at low quality.

    It makes since to leave it at DVD +/-R DL at 100% and burn it on a DL.

    What speed should i set it on too? Maybe my speed had something to do with it.
    It was at 16X. Does that mean it tries to write it at 16x too even though the DL dics cant perform that speed yet. hmmmmmmmmm.
  10. So do you still use DUW 1616?? And what can i do to make it work. What else dvd burner should i buy to make it work? Im getting to the root of this confusion! :)

    Oh, and explain a little more how I can download the DEPARTED with no probs or other long ass movies on your drive sockeye. LOL. your the king if you show me how.
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    @ houstonsdelsol,

    Suggest that you CLOSELY re-read Forum Member Whisperer #7 posting. Absolutely nowhere in Forum Member Whisperer #7 posting did he say anything about DVD-RAM. What he did say was to Book Type Bit Sit +R DVD Media to DVD-ROM. If you are unaware of what Book Type Bit Sitting +R Media means suggest reviewing the below Web Link ->

  12. Coaster

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    Yes, CloneDVD allows the user to use DL +R or –R Media. CloneDVD v2.9.0.3 under “Target Size” has the option to select DVD +/- R DL Media.

  13. bjproc

    bjproc Well-Known Member

    i did think that, but it must have been the lack of -DL disc's that was throwing me
  14. resnick

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    Couldn't agree more about the really poor quality of GQ media. I haven't had any problems since I've stopped using off brand media and paper labels.:disagree:
  15. Sorry im a noob. how do i booktype to change to dvd-rom? My Aopen drive do support it but do i have to booktype all the time??

    Can i just buy the verb disc and call it a day to burn. will it work? Or do i have to booktype the verbs too?
  16. did you have to booktype those name brands disc?
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    I got the same problem as HoustonDelSol and receive the same error messeges....I use Verbatim DualLayer disks, so the disc is definitely not the problem...anytime i want to backup movies, i use dvd+r's, on the special occasion i want to back up a good movie on a DL I get the same error messege. i have to resort to using DVD Shrink when using Dual Layer discs.
  18. What DVD drive are u using? And does DVD shrink work for you? I like clone DVD and im trying to make it work on cloneDVD. I glad that u said the verbs didnt work for you either, and that save me money this time.

    So webslinger what do u think is the problem? Please help...
  19. Could Verbatim +r DL disc be the answer the my problem?


    If I use Verbatim +R DL disc with my dvd writer that burns Double and dual layered disc, shouldn't it burn without saying "SOURCE TOO LARGE TO WRITE?"

    Shouldn't it burn easily? If I still get that message error that I mentioned above, what else is there to do to make it work?

    I have a apoen drive with bit setting option. How can i change to booktype if i need to do that.

    Have anyone on this forum burned the "THE DEPARTED" just buy slipping in a Verbatim +r DL disc into the writer and easily burn? If, not what are the steps to do so. ALL I want is to make a smooth copy of this movie with no hassle so that i can explain to the next fellow on here my troubles to make things right for the next guy.

    I see Webslinger sticky and read it all day long. but i dont know how to change the booktype or where to go.
  20. Webslinger

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    1. Read fully please and follow it

    (the latest version of Anydvd is now; update your burner's firmware; etc)

    If you don't understand one of the steps, then ask.

    2. Use Verbatim +R DL only

    3. When you post, provide more information. Answer fully
    At the very least, do step 8
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