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    OK I'm confused here...

    If I want to backup a movie blu-ray disc to another blu-ray disc BD-R/RE and keep the size down to one 25GB disc and my original is larger than 25GB and I want to eliminate everything but the title and the main movie and keep it simple as possible i.e. - no subtitles, etc.

    Could/would someone give me a little guidance here?

    I use AnyDVD HD to get the files to the hard disc, I use BDedit to find the playlist order and then I get lost.

    Do I have to use TSsplitter and TSRemux to achieve what I am trying to do?

    I know it is much easier if you just do disks that are under 25GB but want to see how hard (how much work) and how much time it takes to do this on the larger file size disks to see if I really want to spend the time to learn it and spend the time doing it.

    I also would like to be able to burn the disk with imgBurn if possible, if not I'll buy an older copy of Nero 7.#.#.# but it would be possible to burn with imgBurn right. I'd like to save money as much as I can after the investment in a blu-ray player and a blu-ray burner but if not I'll shell out a little more cash.

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    yes you need tsremux and tssplitter!

    it's very easy! :)

    if you want to play your backups you need a ps3 or a blu-ray player that supports the "AVCHD" format. (i would prefer a ps3, it plays all the backups 100%)

    first use tsremux to delete the languages and subtitles that you dont need.Select one Video Stream and one Audio Stream. Choose m2ts as output.
    use tssplitter if you want to burn the movie on some dvd-r or dvd+r double layer. (you can choose the output size to 4300 (DVD-r) or 8050 (DVD+R DL)
    now you have to use tsremux again and choose "Blu-Ray Output"

    Burn the files with nero (dvd udf2.5) or imgburn (udf2.5)!
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    OK, so I joined/concatenated the files (all the different m2ts's from the playlist from BDedit) into one .m2ts with TS Splitter. Can I now just TSremux that one file selecting the audio streams wanted and select Blu-Ray as the output type or do I have to do it twice, TSremux to output file .m2ts and then TSremux again output file to Blu-Ray? Thanks
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    Yes you can! :)