Sony +R DVD Issues

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Blanks' started by jcage, Feb 25, 2007.

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    I think I'm about to begin my personal boycott of all things Sony. I happened to purchase a 100 pack of DVD +R blank media and interestingly enough, it errors out when trying to use it to backup any movies. Other brands of blank media have worked well but for some reason, Sony blank media doesn't want to be used in this capacity. Anyone else had problems with blank Sony media?
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    Personally, I have never had any use for anything with the Sony name on it. Too many bells and whistles and not much reliability.
    I tried some +R Sony discs some time back (they ID'd as MIJ) and they were fine.
  3. jvc

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    I've also never had a problem with Sony +R MIJ (made in Japan) media.
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    You should if you're making DL movie backups.
    -R DL has a big limitation

    From Clonecd's history log:

    "When Dual layer DVDs are copied to DVD+R DL media, the layer
    break position of the destination disc will be exactly at the same
    location as the source disc (does not work with DVD-R DL media, because
    DVD-R DL media has a fixed layer break position)"

    The same holds true for imgburn.
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    Whatever works the best for a user. I have over 800 movies ( many over 4 yrs. old) backed up on +R media and have yet to experience any problems.
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    Ahhhhh..............poor DVD Forum. Not making any royalties off the +R discs! I feel so sorry for them! :disagree:

    I couldn't care less, if they consider it a rogue format or not. When a +R disc is Booktyped/Bitset to DVD Rom, it is much more compatible with players, than a -R disc! I have proven that.
  8. saugmon

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    I'll confirm the huge compatability difference between the inferior dash format vs Plus format booktyped to dvd-rom.


    What's the Mid code for those sony discs?

    Sony is made by Sony and by Taiyo yuden-notice when people say Japanese sony and Taiwanese sony. A lot of drives are having difficulty with the 16x sony. A firmware update may be needed.

    Here's some of their MID code/s for the plus format:

    1x+4x Ricohjpn-r02
    +1x-8x Sonyd12=round spacer
    +1x-8x Yuden000-T02-White/octagon spacer-made in japan
    +1x-16x-SonyD21-both japanese and taiwanese +16x-round spacers
    +1x-16x Yuden000-T03,japanese spindles of +1x-16x-white/octagon spacers

    Same goes for their dash format:

    1x-4x Sony04d1- Made in taiwan and austria
    1x-8x Sony08D1-made in taiwan
    1x-8x Ty-G02- Made in japan,white/octagon spacer
    1x-16x Ty-G03- Made in japan,white/octagon spacer
    1x-16x Sony16D1-made in taiwan,round spacer

    You may have gotten sony media or you may have gotten Taiyo Yuden media. If you look at the outer wrapper and the foam spacer holding the discs in place,then you know if you got sony or taiyo yuden media.

    I'll take all the sony in the 8x or 16x speed and burn them all day long and at over a 99.8% success rate.
    1 coaster every 500 backups is about par if you got a benq!!!!!!!!

    After booktyping those bad boys,then I'll have a 95% stand alone compatability rate so those backups will play on virtually anywhere I desire.
  9. DetroitBaseball

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    I have used a lot of Sony DVD-R discs with Accucore and NEVER had problems, quality is good.
  10. customshopkv1

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    I have used plenty of +R Sony discs without a problem. I now used +R TY's without a problem either. They are hub printable and have all been good so far.