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Sony DRU830A


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Jan 29, 2007
Does anyone have any experience with the Sony DRU-830A or the Sony DRU-120?
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sony dru 830-a

I have a sony dru 830-a what do u need to know?Been burning with it since july works gr8!
Just wanting opinions about the two drives before I buy. I have a external Sony I have been using and it seems to work fine, but now I want another internal before the wife repossess it.
sony dru 830-A

Well my wife bought this dvd burner for me back in july for my birthday after my hp dvd burner started fading away.At first i was reluctant because i wanted another hp but now i am very happy with it.I have made about 500 backup copies of my dvd collection with anydvd and clonedvd2 and about 200 backups of my music cd's and i have had no problems with it what so ever so with that yes i would recomend the sony dru 830-a without hesitation.I think for the money it cost and for the amount of burning i have done with it and it is still kicking, you really can't go wrong.I could'nt complain even if it died today so yeah go ahead and buy it if you ask me!:D
I was also looking at the 120 also. It's like 39 bucks at this one place, I think they wanted 59 for the 830, might have been 49, I can't remember. Thanks for replying.
Sony Dru830......?

Looks like Im gunna have to upgrade form a sony dru810 to a 830 now... thanks guys for the heads up.
Why not just keep the 810 till it dies if it's working fine. The only reason I'm asking about it is because the Sony external I am using is my wifes and she wants to use it.
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I'd keep the 810 until it dies. It's a rebadged Benq 1640 which is one of the best burners lately. I flashed my 810 to a 1640 for the added features of the Benq.